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  1. I won't be adding any new card untill nexy year and then I'll be considering buying the succesor of GTX 970/980 or one more GTX 970. Is the XFX ProSeries 550W good for overclocking my setup?
  2. I heard about some problems running GTA V on laptop with one integrated and one dedicated grapics card. Are the problems still occuring and how big is the scale of the problem? Was the problem already fixed, or is it still a thing?
  3. I'll be buying new PC soon and I am concerned what PSU should I get. I need it to power: i5 4690k Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 2 sticks of RAM CD/DVD Drive keyboard, mouse 1 HDD and 1 SSD Wi-Fi card CPU cooler 2 fans included with my case Is XFX Pro Series TS550W 120mm 80+ a good PSU, that will power the rig and have some breathing room for overclocking? I don't want to go too hard with it, but just in case I'll do I want to be able to. What PSU should I get?
  4. I always go for full size keyboards, because number pad always has some uses.
  5. How about: XFX Pro Series TS550WIt's 550 W but some say it's enough for i5 4690k, GTX 970 and 8 gb of ram with some room for slight OC. It's a little bit cheaper. Which one should I get?
  6. Thanks or help What power supply should I go with? Corsair CX600 or some other power supply? I need cheap, reliable PSU 550-600W.
  7. What do you recomend? I'm trying to keep it cheap and reliable. 600 - 650 W Also what are the best methods to prevent damaging PC from ungrounded socket?
  8. Is there any other way to prevent damaging PC when it's not grounded?
  9. This should and could work. How often should I do that? Also I wonder how my laptop is not grounded but still never shocked me?
  10. So you are saying that I should touch components from time to time to ground them?
  11. The build contains of: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 MSI Z97 GAMING 5 i5-4690k Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 WD Caviar Blue 1 TB Crucial Ballistix 8GB RAM Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Corsair Builder Series CX 600 W 80+ bronze Samsung DVD Asus Adapter wi-fi N300 (USB-N14) Razer Blackwidow Stealth 2014 Asus VG248QE Windows 8 I have always been using everything ungrounded. My gaming laptop, console, theatre/hi-fi setup, phone charger, everything except for dishwasher isn't grounded and I haven't got any problems with it. Also I live in an apartment on 4th floor so grounding PC
  12. I'm about to buildg my first PC ever. I don't have any grounded sockets in my house (I live in EU and the building is almost 18 years old so nobody thought about grounding sockets back then). There's no way other that tearing apart half of the house to have one grounded socket in my room. Will using the PC ungrounded damage it? Is there any other way to protect PC from "ungrounded problems"?
  13. Big congrats to you and the whole team and good luck in the future. I actually found out about you on NCIX tech tips before I even had a youtube account. Then I found Linus Tech Tips. I really like the "Handy tech under 100$" series. I really like italian food and sushi.