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  1. Just now, LAwLz said:

    how much Disney is trying to position Star Wars as some shallow "female empowerment"" brand.

    Not just Star Wars.  Thor comes to mind, as does Captain Marvell (both on screen and in Brie Larson's anti-men comments).  And don't get me started on the new Terminator movie or I'll go on a 10.000+ word off-topic rant. 

    Disney can't even come up with good franchises or characters, they have to either directly replace the male characters with females or kill them off first only to have the franchise suddenly revolve around some Mary Sue character. 


    But as Sauron showed, if you have the audacity to point that out you're a reactionary.  Well fuck that, I'll happily be one then.  Didn't stop me from enjoying Alita recently, a film with a female lead played by a Hispanic actress.  The difference is that it didn't try to push this "feminism yay! Men bad!" agenda down people's throat like Disney's garbage does. 

  2. 14 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    You don't like Disney Star Wars? That's cool. Be respectful of those that still do.



    Disney ruined a perfectly good franchise (and not just this one) to push their woke agenda.  Even Mark Hamill himself repeatedly slammed Disney for what they did to Star Wars. 

    People who like that shitshow don't need respect, they need help.




    On-topic : tracing the stand of the 3D model is a whole new level of stupid.  It looks like the artist simply doesn't know what an A-wing looks like.  Any artist who knows the source material would have noticed that something was wrong. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Schnoz said:

    The exact wording of the new terms, set to come into effect in the US on December 10, reads: “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.

    Food for thought : People that use adblockers aren't commercially viable ...

  4. I decided to give it a go.  I know that EA allows refunds if you're not happy, so all I could lose was some time.


    It simply didn't want to start downloading because I'm on Win7. 


    I've been thinking about putting Win10 on a hotswappable SSD for certain games, but I don't want to do anything that could potentially mess up my current Win7 install.  I'll look into it in 2 months. 

  5. 1 hour ago, schwellmo92 said:

    I looked at all the images and still don’t quite understand how it works. Is that long trail stretching out from it a net that is funnelling rubbish in to the conveyor?

    Indeed.  Check out the video in the OP.  Boyan demonstrates it using some rubber ducks.  Go to 9:55-ish

    At 15:55 he starts explaining how they can use these without blocking off entire rivers (which would interfere with boats etc).  Strategic placement is key.

  6. Just now, OlympicAssEater said:

    98% of users will just click agree

    I never clicked agree.  I only tell YT to "Remind me later".  If I keep the same browser session open for several days, eventually (usually after about 5 days) they tell me that I need to review their terms and agree to them "today".  That's usually when I close the browser, which on my PC clears the entire cache, cookies, history, offline data etc.  That resets YT's counter.


    And seeing as I don't have a Google or YT account, I'm not bound to that ToS either. 

  7. Doesn't the 3600 come with a cooler already?  It may not run as cool as an aftermarket tower, but it's good enough.  The extra temps mean that your CPU will run 50MHz or so slower and wear out in 20 years instead of 25.  It's more than good enough to keep you going until you can save up enough to afford a proper high-end cooler.


    If clearance for coolers is that much of an issue, perhaps you should invest in a better case instead of the largest cooler your current one can fit. 

    What case are you using now?

  8. 1 hour ago, circeseye said:

    sarah is back? she fing died. but hey lets bring her back no one will remember that (facepalm).

    Yeah, but IIRC James Cameron mentioned that this story was going to be on an alternative timeline.  They changed the future in T2 by warning Myles Dyson and blowing up the Cyberdyne labs, remember?

    They had to come up with something that justifies completely ignoring T3. Then again that's not new, they already did the "alternate timeline" thing when they made Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (from here on referred to as "TSCC")




    I for one won't be watching it, especially after watching the trailer.  It's yet another attempt to milk some extra life out of a franchise that should have remained buried.  Apparently it's full of political agenda too, which I completely detest.

    Hollywood really is out of ideas and/or going for the quick cash grab.  It's all "revivals" of old stuff and those ridiculous superhero movies (yuk!) nowadays. 


    Oh, and I know I'm going to get tons of flak for this, but ... even if the last half of TSCC's Season 2 didn't make much sense story-wise, Lena Headey's portrayal of Sarah Connor was much more believable than this geriatric version of an 80s action movie star that Linda Hamilton has become. 


    For me the timeline will be : T1 -> T2 -> TSCC ... and that's the end of the franchise as far as I'm concerned.  And I'm not even sure about the latter. 

  9. 5.25" bays are 150mm x 41mm, so a 120mm fan should fit in 3 bays. 

    Theoretically a 140mm should fit in 4 bays, but in many cases that might be an issue because they have parts sticking out inside the bays to support whatever component you would normally put in there.


    There are plenty of drive covers and HDD trays that allow you to put a 120mm in three bays. 


    Or you could make your own mounts.





  10. 20 minutes ago, BiG StroOnZ said:



    Good grief!


    Funnily enough, I never knew about the memes, nor do I care about them. 

    A couple of years ago (2015 IIRC) a local radio DJ played the song several times in the course of a week to morally support the students during their exams.  It ended up going viral and hitting the Belgian charts.

    I first heard it back then.  I just like the song.  Not even a guilty pleasure thing, I just genuinely like it even though it's far outside my regular genres.


    EDIT : Nope, I was a year off.  It was the summer of 2016.

  11. 9 hours ago, GOW2 said:

    Does the glass side panel come in two different colors? I have seen dark ones and light ones.

    Correct, most of the Fractal lineup has options for either "Tempered Glass" or "Dark Tempered Glass". 

    Depending on what model you choose there can also be choice between interiors (blackout vs black/white).


    Anyway, I see you already bought the Meshify S2.  Good choice.  Welcome to the Fractal family. 

  12. You can disable it on Firefox too if you want.  Go to about:config , scroll down to javascript.options.wasm.  If it says "true" in the right-hand column, right-click it and select Toggle.  Once it says "false", you're all set. 


    I verified this by trying the Funky Karts demo, which uses WebAssembly.  As soon as I toggle that option it stops working.






  13. 3 hours ago, mr moose said:

    (go on, I know someone wants to try and claim it isn't theft)

    It would be theft if pirating the content would mean that the copyright owner loses revenue or a physical item.  Seeing as the so-called "piracy" here only involves digital content, the whole "physical item" thing goes out the window already. 

    If the copyright owner doesn't give you the option to buy/license this digital content, there is no lost sale, no lost revenue, and hence no piracy. 


    It's a different thing if a service is just bad.  Even if it has buffering issues, not all the content you want or a clunky UI and ads, they are still providing copyrighted content so there is no excuse to not pay for it.  By all means torrent the stuff for convenience's sake, but do pay the license for that content. 


    And for the record: I have imported CDs and DVDs from Japan and the US because the music and content simply wasn't available here, not even in digital form on the various online music stores (iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, 7digital, etc etc). 

    However some of that was at great expense.  The moment you start paying triple digits for a single CD, you do question your sanity and your commitment to actually reward artists for their work by purchasing it. 

  14. Just now, jstudrawa said:

    Quick google search showed 0.8 inches tall for a HDD, roughly 16mm or so.  


    Sorry if I took  gave wrong info.

    That's weird, because it's definitely 25.4mm, or 1" exactly.  I even put my calipers on one of my spare 3.5" drives to double-check.


    No worries, the internet is full of wrong info.   

  15. 55 minutes ago, jstudrawa said:

    The 15.5mm Drives are the 3.5" full size HDDs.  The 7mm (or 7.2) are the 2.5" laptop sized ones.

    No they're not.  The standard size for 3.5" drives is 146 x 101.6 x 25.4 mm, whereas 2.5" ones come in various thicknesses.  For laptops it's either 7.2mm, 9.5mm or 12.5mm, for external drives it can indeed be up to 15.5mm. 


    Anyway,  I did a quick search for "AN-515-52 disassembly" and found a teardown guide with a video and photos of the internals, clearly showing a 1TB Western Digital Blue, a WD10SPZX to be precise.  That's a 7.2mm thick drive. 



    After identifying the drive and its size, I had a quick look on my local store's site.  I can't find any 7mm drives over 2TB there either.


    If you want higher capacity, there are 2 options :

    1. get one of the 4TB SSDs.  Unfortunately that's quite an expensive solution.
    2. Dremel a hole in the bottom cover exactly where the HDD sits.  That way you can install a thicker HDD which sticks out a bit.. 
      Of course you'll need to be able to live with the idea that the HDD is sticking out of the bottom.  You may also need to get some rubber feet to have the necessary clearance when putting the laptop on a flat surface. 
      The HDD itself is bolted into a HDD cradle using the side screws, and the cradle itself is mounted solidly to the chassis, so you don't have to worry about the taller HDD getting loose and falling through the hole in the bottom.