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  1. Oh i see, No I haven't done that, might give it a try a bit later. As a UI/UX Designer i really hope I dont stumble across other problems as well. Cause that's why I'm doing all this for. I assume you are referring to the last version of VooDoo. Also is there any way in hell that I can make the powerful gtx 690 to work? I know osx doesnt support sli, and since this card is a dual gpu and all that...but in the hope that I can actually make it work...
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I might have to buy z77 ds3h.
  3. Hey guys I just installed mavericks and I've got no sound. I've tried everything with multibeast. What kexts can I install in order to make my sound and ethernet work? Basically after mavericks installs, everything works but the sound. When I try to fix it with multibeast selecting realtek 867 for the sound and realtek 8111 for ethernet, I lose all the drivers after the restart. Can you please find a solution and/or a mobo socket 1155 under $100 that can rid me of these problems? I really need this guys! Specs Z77a-g41 i7 3770k Gtx 690