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  1. Yeah , believe how smart you are and everyone is retarded. Then bitch how game is shit port cause your almighty 970 won't max it.
  2. WTF seriously. Calling it bad port cause midhigh range 970 is not maxing it without even considering how game looks? No wonder why devs are hiding demanding options in ini files.
  3. Stop , please . You're making too much sense . You don't fit here.
  4. Nope, there was something after FB acquisition but I don't have time or don't want to research. Yeah, he's not trustworthy but he's doing PR for Oculus so this is the best we can get officialy. As for the rest of your statement , I'm more for the first explanation.
  5. Can't shake off the idea that they fucked it up. If they were going for early adopters stage of developement then why their Wiimote is not bundled? If early majority - why did they not cut costs everywhere they could to make it <400USD ?
  6. Nope. It was only discounted price for developers to start making games.
  7. I don't really see the point besides good PR. It's not like most of those people would not buy CV1.
  8. Nobody knows. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if even Oculus doesn't know the price yet. Last couple of Palmer's tweets weren't that optimistic. It seemed like he was preparing us for something much more expensive than DKs. There were some rumours about >500 USD. Hell , even 700 USD. I'm still wondering how it'll be with non US distribution. Something like 1000 USD in Europe would be really fucked up.
  9. Exactly . I understand that everyone wants to do their best job , but when you start project you have goals, resources and deadline . All of them are specified by upper level management and are vital to healthy company.If any of those requirements aren't met - you are harming the company . After that there might be lay-offs or even company could go out of buisness. This is very true for videogame companies. Games might be lucrative buisness but revenue they generate is only for a few weeks from release - after that there is no cash from them. One year delay might not be that much for game
  10. I'm ready for MGS without Kojima. His " perfectionism " lead to MGSV being half done. Seriously, if it Konami kept letting him doing what he wants , we wouldn't see the game for next 5 years . And for what? For Quiet shoving her boobs and ass into my face everytime she makes an appearance? For that awkward drive with Scull Face? MGS isn't even that popular to justify him getting that big budget. People seem to act like Kojima never did anything wrong and Konami just keeps punishing him . Seriously , did any one work with perfectionists? They are the worst kind of people to work wit
  11. Nope , Novigrad was boring as fuck. Soulless Gerald doesn't help either.
  12. Well fuck , 2016 and we'll be already saturating DP 1.3 . And before people start commenting on this bullshit that nobody will be using 4k 120hz - please stop .