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  1. I mean I assumed unless there was physical trauma on the screen or anything, I don't see how it could suddenly do this one day out of nowhere, though I definitely could be wrong. Also yeah I forgot to add that I have a second monitor that works completely fine, when I start up my PC it works as normal. It's just this monitor that does it for the first few minutes of operation.
  2. This only recently happened a few days ago, where the bottom inch or two of my screen started glitching out whenever I turn on my PC. It completely goes away after a while, especially after I open up Chrome and stuff. But the problem comes back when I start my PC up again. I've had this computer/monitor for a while now so it definitely shouldn't be a hardware issue. I have no idea what is happening and I couldn't find any similar problems posted online, does anyone know what the problem is?? Two clips of what it looks like: http://imgur.com/gallery/Y21U3uW
  3. I like a full key layout although I've tried out many layouts and all feel good to me.
  4. Vessel Username: Feeron Two favourite videos: Insane Storage Server: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFffor it's sheer awesomeness. Dell XPS: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7VlI really wish I could see Dell's reaction to you soaking their thousand dollar laptop. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1451082941850496&id=100008464116171&pnref=storyLinked to the giveaway along with the vessel affiliate link. Although it may not show for you guys if you're checking because of Facebook's privacy settings, but I can assure you that I shared this wi
  5. But saying it's a 4 GB card is pretty much spreading wrong information. On most games and programs, they don't even recognize the last 0.5 GB rendering it useless and the fact that it's SO MUCH slower than the rest of the 3.5 GB makes it unwise to use all 4 GB of the card because you'll just get a worse performance from frame stutters. So to keep things simple, it's easier to consider the GTX 970 as practically a 3.5 GB card to avoid confusing the new people.
  6. I honestly don't think that the people here who don't support G2A being sponsored will have much disapproval in having a rep come to the WAN show. Although there are people who don't like G2A and people who do, I'd be very surprised if there isn't a majority of watchers who would be very interested in an interview with a G2A rep. There's no reason for them to be angry about having Linus and Luke asking a rep some questions, especially if the questions are regarding many of their concerns for the company's business practices, I assume the audience members will appreciate the interview.
  7. Just my opinion, but I think it would be GREAT to have one of their reps come in for a quick chat on the WAN show, and if they are genuine they would be able to explain a lot of questions given to them and hopefully uncover all the mystery about their business. I understand that some people may not like watching someone from G2A being in the WAN show but I really think it'll be both beneficial to us as the audience members and LTT/other future people who might be offered to sponsor them. Hope you're still reading the posts.
  8. Yay, giveaways! This would be awesome for streaming my games to my TV.
  9. With one of those beauties, I can use all those cores to process videos quicker.
  10. It's so awesome of Puget Systems to be giving the 4 remaining kits away to the community. If I were to win, I'd prefer the M-ATX but the Mini-ITX version would also be just fine for my parts.
  11. I love the EDG750 750 Watt 80 plus gold efficiency, that would be awesome for my gaming rig.
  12. This is awesome of Zotac for doing this. I would say the performance and power efficiency is what really makes the 900 series cards so great.
  13. Yeah I'm deciding whether to get browns or blues as well. I'm leaning more towards a brown one, since I do both gaming and typing often and like people have said before is a fairly balanced key switch. I just don't know whether the blue click will do more damage than benefit me, I like the sound but I'm not sure if I might find it annoying if I use it constantly.
  14. Tell me your reasons why you have or don't have a backlit/RGB keyboard. What are your personal pros and cons of the feature and the difference it would make if you don't have backlighting or RGB. I've been using bad membrane keyboards for my entire life, and I'm looking to buy either a Corsair RGB K70 or a Das Keyboard 4, and it seems both have similar features enough where the main deciding factor between them is the RGB feature. Price does not matter to me, I just don't want to lose out das's awesome volume knob for a feature I might not even need or want.
  15. Alright thanks to everyone for their opinions and comments. To the few who have asked whether my current 770 is doing well for my needs, my answer is yes however I am aware of every generation of games becoming more and more demanding and having a 970 with 4GB of memory will make my computer perform well on games for much longer than a 770 and when having the 970 alone won't be able to deliver high performance, I can just buy another one and SLI them especially considering how much more power efficient it is than a 770. I will do the stepup program and I hope I can survive without