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Carl DaBeast

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    Carl DaBeast got a reaction from YedZed in Most Critical Component for Flight Simulators   
    That's the exact type of a response I wanted, thank you.
    Just realized that the CPU wasn't a K processor.
    Updated it to this, is it any better?
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    Carl DaBeast got a reaction from wrathoftheturkey in Is my CPU bottlenecking my computer?   
    I'll have to check that, but I think it is.
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    Carl DaBeast reacted to Mitchishere in Faded/Washed Out Colors   
    Hi if your using a hdmi cable you need to set the output colour format to
    YCbCr444 NVidia set it to the tv output because your using hdmi.
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    Carl DaBeast got a reaction from King_of_Oz in Am I Missing Something?   
    That might be what I upgrade to in the future as the CPU costs twice as much in Sweden (650 SEK to 1300 SEK) and there aren't many other cases that I like at all. I was looking at the NZXT S340 (not elite) but decided on the elite as it has better front side IO and is more or less an updated S340.
    Any recommended SSD? This was something that I had planned to have before but removed it as it costs a lot more than a HDD for far less storage, I will probably get one in the future.
    Thank you!
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    Carl DaBeast got a reaction from LawrenceBarnes2013 in Should I get AMD or NVIDIA   
    What have I done D: (Kappa)
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    Carl DaBeast got a reaction from lukky211111 in I Need a PSU   
    Thank you for the help, I might look into them in the future if the stock fans drive me crazy.