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    TheMissxu got a reaction from KoleSU in Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!   
    I agree with the Air 740 looking bad. The angles/arc angles just aren't appealing to me.
    Now the 460x is something I could get down with.
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    TheMissxu got a reaction from aj101202 in Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!   
    I agree with the Air 740 looking bad. The angles/arc angles just aren't appealing to me.
    Now the 460x is something I could get down with.
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    TheMissxu reacted to BuckGup in Blizzard Permanently Bans 1572 players in China.   
    Anyone else think the game looks boring and overhyped?
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    TheMissxu reacted to DocSwag in RX 490   
    My guess:
    rx 490 is the full Polaris 10 GPU that costs 300 bucks and has near 1070 performance (but a little below it).
    Release date: sometime in July.
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    TheMissxu reacted to Fire Yoshi in RX 490   
    There is no known date, but AMD did say that their Polaris lineup would cover the 100-300$ range. I think the RX 490 might be the 300$ part, being a "full-fat" Polaris GPU (since the RX 480 is supposedly a cut-down version), with performance around the GTX 1070 level (or slightly lower). It makes no sense for it to be a Vega GPU, as nothing could compete with Nvidia's lineup for another half-year.
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    TheMissxu reacted to Starelementpoke in Nvidia GTX 1070 Review   
    I feel like part of that is missing. And I ment with the supposed 480x being Fury performance at $250.
  8. Informative
    TheMissxu reacted to Energycore in [H]ardOCP Editor Claims Internal Problems for AMD - Polaris Underwhelming and RTG Seeking to Leave AMD For Intel   
    GTX 1070 (aka 3/4s GP104) and 100% Polaris 10 have similar processing cores numbers and die sizes. Whether one performs better will depend on architecture nuances but that marks them as a very clear "will compete" pair.
    I heard that this rumor might be debunked? That perhaps we're seeing Vega in Q1 2017 after all.  Video cites the source. Start at 11 min.
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    TheMissxu reacted to ivan134 in AMD Radeon RX 480 Leak   
    Dumbest thing I've read. 
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    TheMissxu reacted to Quinnbeast in Anyone who dismisses a better DAC as non-essential is incorrect.   
    Can you even hear your new DAC if the walls of your descending colon are obstructing your auditory canal?
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    TheMissxu reacted to Bhav in GTX 1080 cannot maintain its boost clock while gaming and slows down to 1607 Mhz   
    Everyone needs to see this video:
    The boost clock enables the cards to pull out bigger numbers in reviews and benchmarks that use open case systems at which the boost clock can be maintained.
    However, when tested inside an actual PC case, the GPU rises to 85 degrees within just 5 minutes of gaming, causing the GPU clock to deactivate its boost and throttle down to 1607 Mhz.
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    TheMissxu got a reaction from Daegun in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 3DMark Firestrike Benchmark Results Leaked   
    It will probably settle at $399 for most cards. You probably can get low quality heatsink and fan 1070 for $379 though.
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    TheMissxu got a reaction from The Benjamins in AMD Polaris Tech Day is Today   
    They could be showing off Polaris, Vega, Zen, and Bristol Ridge.
    My assumption is that Vega and Zen would be the main NDA'd information while they are briefing the press on what to hype for Polaris and Bristol Ridge at Computex.
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    TheMissxu reacted to don_svetlio in AMD ZEN dieshot and structure   
    With Ivy IPC
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    TheMissxu reacted to Haydenp10 in Headset dilemma   
    If I was you, I'd go for the HyperX 
    I have had it for a year and a half now and it's awesome!
  16. Funny
    TheMissxu reacted to Euan_enterprise in liquid Nitrogen as a viable everyday option   
    ok , i had the dumbest idea the other day , what if i was to use liquid nitrogen in a everyday system and make it work. at first i had the idea to put it in a conventional water cooler but then relised it would freeze up the pipes . then i had the thought " what if you where to put it in a custom metal loop and effectively cycle it around with a pump " then it would kinda be like a hardline loop.
    this is a dumb idea i know but does anyone have any opinions on how to make it work

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    TheMissxu reacted to LeapFrogMasterRace in Some information on custom gtx 1070/1080 gpus (Back to 2008?)   
    On the bright side we know that we will be getting good custom boards that include hybrids
    Seems like the MSRP of $599 will only apply to ugly coolers, expect to have to shell out more money for a better card. 
    If you are curious here is also the article for the Galax http://videocardz.com/59813/first-custom-geforce-gtx-1080-is-here-gp104-400-confirmed
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    TheMissxu reacted to NuclearPeace in AMD Zen processors to have "double the performance of the FX 8350", performance pictures posted   
    I know better than to listen to AMD marketing hype with how well Bulldozer went down.
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    TheMissxu reacted to XXXLovelyXXX in i7 5820k vs i7 6700k   
    i never trust cpuboss, their scores are so inaccurate.
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    TheMissxu reacted to Kinda Bottleneck in Custom cooled GTX 1080 spotted   
    You want a $600 GTX 1080 or a $700 GTX 1080? 
  21. Agree
    TheMissxu reacted to Memories4K in AMD Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 Specifications leak   
    Zen's not exciting anything within me anymore.
    Last i checked we're looking at Haswell IPC.
    Maybe the Octacores and Hexacores will do well if they perform similarly to Broadwell-E at a much lower price, but i'm not impressed this late in the game.
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    TheMissxu reacted to WereCat in AMD Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 Specifications leak   
    AMD has already debunked this rumor saying that they will be at Computex. 
  23. Informative
    TheMissxu got a reaction from Coaxialgamer in AMD Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 Specifications leak   
    Yeah. I'm talking about the heatsink and fan as it relates to the 1070.
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    TheMissxu reacted to bartimaeus555 in First build. I present Wabisuke   
    Fully water cooled and sleeved build in an Evolv ATX. Parts list here http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/fcGFcf

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    TheMissxu got a reaction from rhyseyness in Which camera (especially for video)?   
    You could check out this video,
    Also check the description...
    For the most part, these are just out of your budget, but some are pretty close.