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  1. 24fps is bare minimum where you can see it as video not as slideshow, it is kinda limit for human eye but bottom one.
  2. Hi guys, im looking for some decent monitor, with resolution above fhd (2560x1440 or greater), 60-80Hz, 27-32", not TN (IPS,PLS,VA,... w/e just not TN), brightness around 250cd/m2, and contrast idealy 1000:1 or better. For now im facing realy bad backlight bleeding on Acer RC271Usmipuzx and Philips 328E9FJAB, i dont ave any specific budget, but im trying to keep it on the cheaper side. I have 6y old fhd TN monitor with led backlight and even after 6y on 90% brightness it do not have any visible bleeding(ofc it have some on edges but its almost not visible when you play somethin
  3. if i did like 30min furmark and ~ 5loops of Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and it still looks fine is there any big chance that card will be unstable during some other stuff?
  4. Hello, im pretty new in videocard OC so i wanted to ask, is there any negatives of running graphic card undervolted? like i have 980ti with 1401Mhz boost and it runs on 1.149 V is it fine or i should put it back to 1.187V like it was?
  5. Cpu : Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2620 v3 Gpu : MSI GEFORCE GTX 980 4GD5T OCRam : Samsung Registered DIMM 2133MHz 16GBScore : 6.7
  6. ~220w are 2CPU and 1 GPU ( cpus are 2x85W and GPU i dont rly know... it will be r9 290x and i have no idea how much watt she have, but mostly GPU's have less then cpu), and in my case ( i dont want any extra holes) will sit fine 1x 120x120x80 and 1 less wight 240x120 or 120x120 and im just not sure if it will be enough
  7. Hey all, i wanted to ask if someone testing if is huge diference when using radiator with more width, like for exemple there are radiators 120x120x30mm and 120x120x80mm, i wonder if this 80 is atlast 2x better then 30 or if its +- same as 240x120x30mm. and other question, is there any formula to count what radiators i need to cool to some good temperature X watt's , for exemple i need to cool around 220W so i wondering what radiotors i need to use
  8. i find linustechtips on youtube one time when looking for some hardware info, like a half yeahr ago, and from that time i watched and stil watching every video on linustechtips and techquickie (this as fast s possible is rly nice one ), hope you will continue to doing what you do