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  1. Got a comparison for you guys! Between these 2 guys, which one would you go for? The sennheiser is $60 while the Hyper X is $70. And if open vs closed doesn't matter. Thanks for everyone's opinions!
  2. As per the description, what would be a good mouse option? I mainly play league of legends. Thanks for the insights!
  3. But if I were to pick between the HD280s vs M40x which one would you recommend?
  4. @ShearMe B) yes LOL ... but the buzz is distracting for me and I can barely feel the noise reduction.
  5. The noise canceling doesn't really work... might be just my model but ya....
  6. @ZacDaMan72 Ya i saw that video, but for me the sound isolation and comfort perhaps is even more important than sound. I current have the UE 6000, and the sound isolation is really iffy on it.
  7. Pretty much the same price point in Canada, between these 2 headphones, which one would make a better daily driver? So that means I will be using this at home/office but also a bit on the road. I know both of these have none mobile cords, but relatively speaking between: Sounds Durability Comfort Sound isolation What do you guys think?
  8. Awesome give away Linus! My favorite would be the EDG750 PSU, because I plan on building my brother a new PC and I already have a case in mind. That PSU would work great with the build!
  9. I know that the clouds are a great pair of headsets, but would you guys consider wearing it outside as a headphone?
  10. http://www.amazon.ca/Brainwavz-HM9-Hi-Fi-Isolating-Headphones/dp/B00ENZRS76/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414188574&sr=8-1&keywords=Brainwavz+HM9 Anyone know much about these guys? I tried looking for reviwes, but there aren't that many. How do these compare to something like the ATH 50x?
  11. So clouds for best comfort headphones despite being headset? I wouldn't mind that I guess, what does other ppl think
  12. I have been looking at headphones for awhile, and also asked a question on the forum about it. However it has come to my attention that if I stream music or don't listen to the highest level of music quality my ears wont really tell the difference anyways. So with that new information. What are the most comfortable and best build quality i guess of headphones under $100 Canadian dollars. Thanks to all who reply!!
  13. Then from a comfort stand point would the 40x be better?
  14. These 2 headphones are about the same in price in my area, which would be a better buy?