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    rimazk123 reacted to HighRabbit in Samsung Gear S2 review: I’m not impressed   
    Hahah, I'm happy that I didn't buy it . Samsung gave it to me for a few weeks to make a review. I'm a journalist from Lithuania, so I get review devices sometimes. Recently, I decided that I should start writing in English as I want to reach more people and, of course, earn more money .
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    rimazk123 got a reaction from byalexandr in What to Do In All of This Steam Nonsense   
    If I don't see those 81 cents I saved in my account tomorrow.......
    There's gonna be a problem to say the least.
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    rimazk123 reacted to Fluxx in Grid Autosport or Project Cars?   
    Project Cars is more realistic
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    rimazk123 reacted to Swndlr in Star Wars Battlefront 3 - PC Requirements Listed ( 16GB Memory! )   
    Its recommended, not required. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. Its the same thing with every AAA game we've seen lately, they think you should be balling out on hardware, when you dont need it.
    Edit: Ppl also need to understand that 16GB is becoming more or less the standard that 8GB filled years back.
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    rimazk123 reacted to CTR640 in 8K 9.6inch IPS and 8K 13.3 inch OLED display introduced   
    8K on 9.6inch?

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    rimazk123 got a reaction from silver_tounge in Best corsair Products...   
    If it wasn't already obvious, keyboards
    I've had my k70 for well over a year now, and i've had zero problems. I love it.
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    rimazk123 reacted to JuztBe in Best corsair Products...   
    Their logo.