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  1. @AkiraDaarkst I thought the same about the purple tinge so I spent another 5 minutes tinkering and I've come up with an image im much happier with: Edit: Also Im hopefully getting an 80d a bit later this year.
  2. 7/10 - I really like this photo. Stirling Falls, Milford Sounds/Piopiotahi - Shot on my LG G3 - Edited in Google Photos app Original Image: This is my first real venture into any photo editing, so any and all feedback is welcome. In all honesty I cant really decide whether I like the original or the edited picture more, which is why I included both.
  3. I would sell it to get a new GPU, because i love me some new GPU.
  4. My favourite part is the back buttons, freeing up the sides, I also really like the skin.
  5. Yeah, its the circles, even if you do get the clean blocks there is the EK logo, and even that just looks plain ugly, I also don't like that they are square,it just doesn't look right.
  6. @The_Edster What a nice surprise, I literally subbed to this thread 2 minutes before you posted the update, I'm so happy that you aren't using EK blocks and such, I just don't understand why everybody likes them so much. Personally I absolutely love xspc, they're clean and just look amazing, glad to see someone using their blocks/radiators etc. Can't wait for the next update. Adrian
  7. My favourite thing about the M8 is the build quality and the Industrial design.
  8. Thanks for the advice, now that I'm confident the build is solid I'll start ordering parts
  9. Could you recommend a cooler then, the max height is 150mm, and I can actually get the Zalman cooler pretty cheap.
  10. Why shouldn't I get that cooler?Could you give me a reason? (Apologies if that comes off rude, I certainly don't mean to be) P.S. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Why shouldn't I get that cooler? Could you give me a reason? (Apologies if that comes off rude, I certainly don't mean to be)