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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus x370 RoG
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    16 GB G.Skill Flare X
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    GTX 1080 ti ftw
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    512GB Crucial SSD + 2TB WD Blue
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  1. Amd mentioned rdna 3 for q4 of 2021. Nvidia has been releasing a new gen every 1.5-2 years the past couple of generations. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re fast tracking it to launch against rdna 3. Not in 6 months though, that would be insane.
  2. I wonder if it was corporate greed or if cdpr is short on money to push for the game to be released already.
  3. This is how tech progress should be. The new stuff should be better than new stuff (ahem... intel). However, in this case, for now anyways, m1 is looking really good for mobile devices. I'm looking forward to the m2 or w/e comes next. I'd like to get a macbook that supports 32GB of ram for my needs.
  4. Rtx 3050 will be interesting. Especially if it tops out at $200 or so. I’m hoping beyond hope it’s lower. That’d be amazing
  5. This has been an issue since the enactment of the constitution. Strict vs loose interpretations and I imagine it'll never be solved because every politician will abuse it for their own ends.
  6. Hi! I'd like to first state that I understand buying a used drive might not be the most ideal solution but I don't really want to spend a lot on mass storage and the things I'll be storing aren't important if I end up losing them. Also, just thought it'd be fun to try out. That being said, I see a lot of used SAS drives on sale for a pretty good price, some reach close to $10/tb. I just want to know if purchasing a SAS controller card for my pc is a good idea/compatible with windows 10?
  7. Id like to know your reasoning for why amd would keep the cards to themselves? No, you didn’t, but this is way worse than nvidias launch. From what I’ve read and heard, nvidia had at least 5x more stock than amd for launch
  8. This is so dumb, if “95% of the customers dont hit 1.2tb” then why implement a data cap? That’s some bs lol
  9. Eve seems to have a sketchy history with delivering products. Shame, they seemed kind of cool
  10. Both are terribly underwhelming, especially for the price and especially for the pro x. Just buy an iPad Pro with the keyboard if you have $1500+ laying around
  11. That is a name I've not heard in a long time. First brands that I can remember recognizing were gateway and dell
  12. If I can't get one, guess I'll just increase my ssd storage and w/e else