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  • Birthday Oct 05, 1999

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    Eindhoven (the lightcity)
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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
  • Motherboard
    fujitsu siemens ms 7504vp pv
  • RAM
    2048 MB A-data 400MHz ddr2 + 2048 MB samsung 400 MHz ddr2
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS 550 MHz 512MB
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    fujitsu siemens amilo
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    WD 1600js
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    2x Acer X223hq
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    stock cpu cooler
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    corsair m65 (broken)
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    windows 7 ulimate 32-bit

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  1. So I found an awesome deal, a used Asrock Z97X Killer, Intel Core i7 4770K, Kingston Hyper X Predator Beast 4x4 GB DDR3 2400Mhz for 350 euro. with warranty is it worth the €350 or should i buy something else -Jelmertje99k
  2. It looks good but unfortunately it is not avaleble in the netherlands
  3. Hello everyone, I want to buy a used phone for 150-200 euro. I found 4 options but I don't really know which one to pick. The phones are: HTC one M8 for €140 1 of 28 months and 1 of 22 months old LG G4 for €225 12 months old LG Nexus 5 for €110 I guess more than a year (simtray partially broken) Sony Xperia Z2 for €175 4 months old The HTC is on 5.1 while the rest is on 6.0. I dont know how big of a diffrence that is. I need your advice on which phone to pick and why -Jelmrtje99k
  4. Hello, in this video linus is refering to a particular software does someone know what software linus is refering to? -Jelmertje99k
  5. i have currently a gtx 760 but i want to upgrade it but i dont know with what
  6. it is much smaller than the beamers we have in school, and the quality Is far more better than that
  7. I came a corss this offer of a used R9 280x from gigabyte for 130 euro (around 150 USD) should I buy it or not? - Jelmertje99k
  8. Helle everyone So I've decided to buy a Gigabyte 980ti but I don't know wich one I should buy. I myself think the WF3 because I like the looks of this better than that white/metal and it is 30 euros cheaper where I live. I don't know if it makes a big diffrence in performance that makes it the 30 euros extra worth. please let me know if you what you think - Jelmertje99k
  9. NL stands for Nederland (The Netherlands) we use the euro as currency here
  10. yeah I forgot. it is manily going te be used for gaming like GTA 5, Payday 2, ETS2 and Arma 3 my budget is around 1000 EUR (NL) I don't need any peripherals and the color scheme is giong to be black and blue
  11. hello everyone, I want to build my own pc but I dont know what to do here What should I do? take an I5-6600k (or something like it) and a GTX 980Ti or an I7-6700K and a GTX 970. or maybe take one of them and buy a cheap part for the other that I can upgrade in the future (like a R9 280x for €180) please give me an answer and maybe other options are also welcome -Jelmertje99k
  12. I got only a budget of €450 and with the cheapest combination I have only 120 left for a videocard here are the parts lists and with the current price (NL) as video card I wanted to get an used R9 280x (club3D royalqueen) or a new GTX 950 (msi gaming 2G) I am not sure yet Intel: AMD:
  13. So I wanted to build a gaming pc for my cousin with an Amd x4 860k and I wanted to do a little oc on it. But when I searched for oc performance I found a review where it was compared against an Intel Pentium G3258. The Pentium won in almost every bencmark they did dispite its fewer cores. It also said that the intel platform has more features. Now I don't know wich CPU to pick. Please give me advice for wich cpu to pick and a motherboard that goes with it. This pc will mostly be used to play GTA V and minecraft. here is the link to the review I read: h