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  1. Macrium Reflect, it had solid reviews and i've used it before, but I think i'm past cloning at this point, just want it to be as fresh and wrinkle free as possible.
  2. Windows on the HDD is up to date and fine EDIT: and working as of mins ago, no issues. (just to be clear) I'll try a bios update, thanks!
  3. Tl:dr below. Please help My PC blue screened the other day, and said it needed to be repaired, started to repair itself when the power went out, and since then has been WILD. It's going to be confusing so I named each SSD. My OS (SSD1) was a clone of my old HDD, It seemingly failed after a month because of the power outage I assumed it was fried/corrupt, tried multiple ways to fix it and was so frustrated that I wiped it and cloned the old HDD again (I left it unplugged in my case because I didn't feel the need for the space and I wanted to make sure the clone work
  4. Excuse my ignorance but where would I find the MSI QVL and is it MOBO specific?
  5. So I did not look enough into Ryzen's ram issues. I knew that it demanded more RAM but didn't see that only certain RAM would go above 2133 I bought CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 and it can't get up to the 3000, only to 2133 So my real question is, do you think I should use my Newegg 30day guarantee to return these and get the correct ram, or just hope that AMD updates Ryzen to where all DDR4 is compatible. Motherboard if it matters is a MSI B350 Tomahawk and Ryzen 1700
  6. They're the same price, is there any difference between the two, and Okay! I'll try to just install fresh windows on it.
  7. The computer won't boot of the cloned HDD, And really? I thought it was faster than Sata Ohhh i'm thinking of NVME m.2 aren't I. And it is the Mx300 is there a Sata ssd that I can get for cheaper? Or bigger capacity?
  8. Well yeah I plan on getting a M.2 525GB drive, but in the mean time I just need my computer to not fail, it only has 3-4GB left and I know there will be some issues if it dips too low. Windows 10 kept telling me there was an issue when it tried to install to the HDD, could that be why the cloned version wasn't booting?
  9. So I built a new Ryzen 7 build, And I put the OS on my SSD but the problem is it's 30GB so I'm already hurting so I wanted to clone it and move it to a spare 300GB HDD i have so I used Macrium and cloned it perfectly and then tried to boot off of it and it says no OS found so I went into bios and the SSD says it's Uefi and the HD says its not? Could this be why it's not finding OS? I have a Msi B350 Tomahawk with the Bios updated to date and I found an option saying Uefi+Legacy supported so Is the HDD legacy? I'm just so confused. I just want more C:) drive space.
  10. So just built a Ryzenc1700 build, I used the amazing Stock Wraith Spire, But it turns out that the motherboard I got (Msi B350 Tomahawk) has it's own software Msi Gaming App and for some reason you can't turn off the ugly red motherboard LEDs without turning off the CPU cooler LEDs but I just want the CPU LEDs on, I'm looking into getting the NZXT hue+ but I want to know if the Spire's 5pin would work with the Hue+ Or does anyone have any better software to control the LED zones seperate
  11. Currently have a MSI 960, I would just love to have some time with the Red team, also get a performance increase of course, and then sell my 960 and probably get a new mobo and AIO cooler to overclock my fx 6300 or just go up to the 8350 Thank you for the chance, good luck all. Love live Linus
  12. I just spent $39 on a fan. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't mess it up. Thanks though guys
  13. I just got my LTT edition 120mm Noctua Fan. And of course it comes with two stickers one being the case badge and one being a circular sticker. Would it hinder the fans performance or longevity if I put the circular sticker on the fan, Because I have it mounted as my exhaust in my Node 804's so I can see it in the window, So will it hurt to have the sticker on the actual moving part of the fan. (BTW THE NODE 804'S FAN CONTROLLER IS 3 PIN WHILE NOCTUA HAS THE 4 PIN. But I made my own ghetto adapter until the one I ordered comes in the mail.)
  14. Don't ask me to explain why, but I want to play multiple emulated games at once. So is it possible to basically have all windows highlighted so my keyboard or controller input to all windows?
  15. Forgive me for the quality. and for my shaky hand cam. and actual non pasta Specs that I forgot to include Fx-6300 GTX 640 8GB 1866Ghz Ram Shit motherboard Shit Case with Stock Shit PSU Logitech G502 mouse Razer Tartarus (Ps. don't buy one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT6yFjFiKNo