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  1. Well I can try a new CPU since I'm going to microcenter today anyways.
  2. Appreciate the comment. I've actually cleaned all the drives from command prompt when setting up a drive to install windows on it so all my drives are fresh again but still no luck. This is the first build I've had trouble in.
  3. I mean like the ram I have isnt even on the list of compatible ram for the mobo. An I'm using a usb drive since I dont have a disk drive on my pc. An honestly I have no clue they didnt even tell me till after they finished it all to tell me it ready. They said corrupted windows but I highly doubt that. I even checked the cpu pins last night when I was putting the old board back in and there were no bent pins for it wasnt the cpu either. I'm just assuming it may be doing this because my current ram is not supported for my motherboard. An also they used there own windows cause they ended up char
  4. Also checked all drives. They are all restarting after windows is installed and it's on the setting up devices screen
  5. Question on the ram if the motherboard doesnt have it on the support list will that cause this problem to? Never ran into this problem with previous builds but thought I'd ask.
  6. So dont think it was the motherboard cause its still restarting on me and it's a brand new and different board.
  7. Which if that's the case I'll be very irritated for a month old board that cost me $200 to already be broken. But luckily I can buy a cheaper board just to test if that's the problem.
  8. The m.2, pny ssd, and barracuda 2tb drive are all only a month only. The oldest drive is the 500gb one. An I've checked the m.2 and pny ssd both were not faulty
  9. Windows is on my 128gb ssd cause that's where they put it when they reinstalled it. But I think all the drives have had windows on them before cause I believe they all have windows old files on them that I cant fully get rid of. I'm tempted to just format every drive.
  10. Psu has been swapped already and ram is in slot 2 and 4. Xmp is not enabled
  11. I apologize if this has already been asked. A couple of weeks ago my PC would randomly restart after showing the windows logo. Took it somewhere to get fixed after trying everything I could think of to fix it and they ended up saying it was a corrupted windows which fixed it for a week or two. An now it is randomly restarting on me again. I can actually leave it in windows for a while but once I start to do things it will just restart and start up as usual again. I've already reseated everything from cpu, ram, gpu, water block, and cords on the motherboard. I have also already repl
  12. Congradulations on getting 1 million subscribers!!!! Love you guys and what ya'll do! Can't wait to see what ya'll do next !