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  1. To put it bluntly, I know crossfire hasn't been a effective performance solution for a while now. My first GPU was the GTX 630, so I've really only ever known a world of single-GPU dominance. However, as a fan of PC history, I am really interested in trying out crossfire for the first (and probably last) time purely for the novelty and experience of doing so, since used 480's have gotten very cheap. My PC currently has a XFX RX 480 8GB reference blower card driving a 1440p 144hz display. This is obviously not ideal, and I need to optimize most games well into medium settings to run
  2. GOOD NEWS! I found a utility called TCP Optimizer which fixed my issue. I ran a scan on it and it doesn't seem to be malicious. Has a long history it seems, so I trust it. Link: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  3. I'm using a Asus Prime X570-P, which has Realtek RTL8111H NIC. Just made sure I'm on latest 10.38.1118.2019 Driver. Ran the test again and it did hit 145, which shoots down my 125 mbps hard limit theory. https://www.speedtest.net/result/9159325807
  4. I know that some delta is expected, but due to it being so close to 125 mbps, which could plausibly be a network speed setting since it's close to 1/8 a gigabit.
  5. So I dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux Mint, and recently I noticed that the internet speed on windows is significantly slower for no discernible reason. I've already done the standard first-page-of-google troubleshooting and common fixes, with no improvement. Windows 10 (link) Linux Mint (Link) Ignore the system clock difference, these were taken minutes apart on the same system. My system clock is messed up too but that's a different matter. I'm not expecting anyone to go full blown IT staff, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had t
  6. After watching the der8auer and ltt videos and reading the anandtech article; High points: Intel's value proposition is completely nonexistent Gaming perf. is so close as to only be less than 5% difference in many games, with ties in about half AMD now holds IPC crown, however... Low points: Intel still holds the single threaded crown due to higher clocks the maximum observed boosts and overclocking results are pretty disappointing. Der8auer said himself that most chips have a maximum observed boost lower than the advertised spec, and that some
  7. I want this to be true very much. I'm glad that it matches AdoredTv's leaks that predicted the 3700X at 5Ghz: Highly recommend his channel. Excellent analysis of Ryzen 3000 likely specs. Pricing of this leak is about $50 higher at $379 but even then it would be a killer CPU and for sure my next upgrade.
  8. I upgraded from a GTX 970 to the RX 480, and yes, the RX 480 is faster. The main advantage is having 8GB on the RX 480 instead of 3.5GB on the GTX 970.
  9. YES! A few months ago I cleaned out my twitter from about ~250 tweets that Youtube had sent out every time I added to a playlist. It was terrible, and it was never clear to me when I agreed to have that happen.
  10. Clicked into this expecting to see Origin and/or Uplay clone but was pleasantly surprised. I hope this can become a true competitor to steam. Probably won't ever beat them, but something to at least make Valve try harder.
  11. I don't like it. The trend of simplification, at least to me, feels like the software equivalent of cutting battery life on a smartphone in half to make it a few fractions of a millimeter thinner. Office is a Utility, and as such I wish they would prioritize that above looks. I'm not colorblind myself, but @corrado33 makes a really good point. Why on earth do you noticeably inconvenience 5% of the population while causing mixed reactions among the other 95%. Visual complexity can be used for good in a non-cluttered fashion and I feel like nobody understands this. I feel like the 8
  12. I use the Telephoto on my XS, but only for 2x optical zoom. Couldn't care less about bokeh, and I wish the Optical zoom would be prioritized over other things, since everyone is going to zoom their camera but I suspect only a fraction will use bokeh. If Optical Zoom could somehow be improved to say, 5x, then that would probably be one of the biggest advancements in smartphone design in the past 3 years. Imagine the marketing material comparing digital vs optically zoomed images at 5x, it wouldn't even be a contest. That being said I'm not an Optical expert and doubt something like 5x is physic
  13. Yes, I believe it was AdoredTV who predicted that. He's been pretty good at predicting Zen 2 leaks as of so far... from 20:38 to 21:26
  14. Ironically they still haven't named a replacement CEO since Krzanich got kicked out. The interim CEO is Robert Swan atm and theyre still looking for a replacement.
  15. When I booted my desktop a few minutes ago to write this among other things, the Re-Released October Update made me think my PC was dying (which to be fair its HP garbage with a million aftermarket parts). There was no video output and endless bootlooping. No power to USB's. I tried booting it without the PCIe power plugged in, which for some reason fixed the video output. Plugged the PCIe power back in and rebooted. There was now video output but it still took like 7 or 8 bootloops to get to desktop. I'm not sure if its my crappy HW, but after I noticed it was updating when I turned it back o
  16. I actually thought of that, how it's strange that Apple can't even keep consistent connectors within their own company, much less with everyone else's device. I definitely prefer Lightning over Micro USB, and although I have limited experience with USB C I lean towards favoring it over lightning. I would not complain if Apple got rid of lightning.
  17. Staples broke my 6S backlight filter during battery replacement. Don't ever get any phone repairs / battery replacements done at Staples if you value your device. I wasn't planning on getting the XS, but I decided it was time for an upgrade, so I got the 256 GB iPhone XS in Space Gray. I've owned the iPod 3rd Gen, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, and now the iPhone XS, so I've witnessed the progression from iOS 3 all the way to iOS 12. I don't use mac, but all my mobile devices have always been Apple. Rather than coming to the community with a question "should i get b
  18. I was talking about this on the AdoredTV Discord server yesterday, and this is what I found: The Intel "Old 10nm" was 54nm * 36nm * 399nm per transistor. However, new leaks say it's 15% behind smallest 7nm (Samsung), which is 44nm x 36nm x 270nm. That puts Intel "New 10nm" at about 62.1nm x 50.6nm x 310.5nm. For reference, the GF 12LP process, which AMD is shipping processors on today, is 78nm x 64nm x ~400nm. Intel "New 10nm" single transistor is 0.0031 µm², whereas GF 12LP is 0.0049 µm². This is a difference of 56%, but doesn't lead to a density improvement of 56%. The GF 12LP ar
  19. This is even stranger considering the next iPhones are rumored to use eSim. https://www.igeeksblog.com/esim-in-2018-iphone-12072018/
  20. Anyone else see the hose-like object that came on camera right before it cut out? What was that? Does anyone else recall seeing that on previous launches?
  21. I also have a 3770, and from what I've seen the 8700k delivers better raw gaming performance, but will drop frames when streaming + gaming. Source: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3287-amd-r7-2700-and-2700x-review-game-streaming-cpu-benchmarks-memory/page-2 So pretty much it seems like the 8700k delivers better performance to the streamer, however, the 2700X delivers a better viewing experience to the viewer. I personally would recommend the 2700X over 2600X because the appeal of the 2700X is in the higher clock rather than the core count (in this case). Overall,
  22. Ok, what games are you looking to play? Also, here's a helpful snippet from PcPer that sums up my feelings about Ryzen+ @ 4k: https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Processors/Ryzen-7-2700X-and-Ryzen-5-2600X-Review-Zen-Matures/1440p-and-4K-Gaming I also spec'd out $600 upgrade packages for both the 8700k and 2700x. After selecting the processor, then I picked the cheapest motherboard that has been proven to support overclocking to the average bin (5Ghz for 8700k and 4.15Ghz for 2700X), then I got the best 16GB ram kit using any remaining budget. 8700k $600 u
  23. Anandtech Gaming results at 4k (in the spoiler above) are better than what I remember, with Ryzen+ pulling off a win in most cases. Taking overclocking into account i'd say its fair that the gap is around 5-10%. Also, it depends if xelasoccer is overclocking. (are you @xelasoccer ?)