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    AMD Product Development Engineer, Lover of Coffee, Musician, Current Avid Social Distancer.
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    Aorus Z390 Master
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
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    EVGA nVidia GeForce RTX 2080ti Black Edition
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    Lian Li PC011
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    Intel Nvme 2TB M.2 SSD, HGST 6TB 7200RPM HDD
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    Corsair RM1000i
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    Custom Loop
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  1. I've been working on fans this morning getting everything blacked-out. I've modded my large collection of Corsair AF-140 case fans that I have to give them black fins, and I'll be doing the same to a trio of AF-120 fans for my intake at the front of the case. I've also added black rings to the SP-120s and they all look pretty slick. I'm currently looking into removing the grey anti-vibration mounts as these fans will be running at really low RPM so vibration shouldn't be much of a problem. I also know I may get some kickback on the AF-140 fans ill be using for the 520mm rad in the bottom, but
  2. Well it seems theres a lot of confidence in the Mayhems stuff, so I'll give it a try.
  3. I am a little conflicted on one matter: should I use clear tubing and some mayhems black coolant, or go black primochill rigid tubing and clear coolant? I have not heard great things about the black coolant, but I was hoping someone could speak from experience.
  4. Edited title, sorry for the bamboozling!
  5. If there are any firearm enthusiasts on here, some may get the reference for the build title. This will be my extreme water-cooling build inside my new CaseLabs SMA8 Black case that has just arrived, and If it isn't apparent this will be an all blacked-out build. Throughout the build I will be writing my thoughts on the individual components and any associated customer service and benefits. Here is the build list so far: Case: CaseLabs SMA8 Black* CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X (New Skylake-X 8c/16t chip) I think this chip will have the most overclocking potential, and its an 8 core
  6. I'll be gaming at 4k and doing some indie film level editing on so I will be watching it closely. Doing the simple TDP addition (and I mean simple because that rarely tells the whole story) I have a bit of headroom, but I'll proceed cautiously. Seeing the mainly positive feedback gives me a bit more confidence in it though.
  7. Yes I will be overclocking all the hardware. Seems to me that you guys are pretty sure I'll be safe.
  8. I am starting a massive build in my new CaseLabs SMA8 with an i7/i9 six core chip (whichever they end up being named), dual 1080tis, and an extensive water cooling setup with 2x 480 rads and lots of fans. I currently have a corsair rm1000i and it's a great power supply, but I'm worried I'm cutting it close on the power draw. Let me know what you guys think, if there's a consensus I need to upgrade then I'll just have to bite the bullet.
  9. Hey LTT community, need some feedback. I think this may have been discussed before on some previous threads, but i haven't found what i'm looking for. So here is my question: I am planning on grabbing a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 pretty soon, and I was wondering what you guys think the feasibility is of running the cooler without fans. I saw Linus try this out in his "ultimate silent computer" video but he never really got into the thermal performance. I am primarily a gamer and don't do much intensive creative work. Here are the system specs ill be throwing it into: CPU: i7-3770k (M
  10. Ill give this a try, thanks for the constructive feedback.
  11. Having some issues with my pretty new EVGA 980ti SC. The card is in my custom loop, an while under load will whine a fair bit. It's loud enough to be heard through the side panel. It grows when i try to overclock the card. Is this an issue that can be fixed by myself, or is it RMA worthy? Let me hear it LTT Comm.
  12. More enterprise/server oriented material!
  13. Wow! I can't believe you guys have hit 1,000,000 subs. I've been an avid viewer since 2010 and have learned so much from your videos and gained so much drive and passion for the digital world. I can even remember when I thanked Linus in 2011 via youtube message for helping be an inspiration not only for my first custom PC, but also my outlook on technology. I don't know if he himself responded, but it was damn cool anyway. Good luck to you, slick, edzel, and the rest as well as the wife and two kids! If you ever need a branch in Texas, USA hit me up!
  14. XFX XXX Pro 650w Is there any way to check before i fork out another $150+ for a power supply?
  15. Random restarts still occurring, even in regular tasks such as browsing and skypeing. NEED HELP!!!