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    Music (Guitar, Piano, Sax), Computers (no duh), Reading(Mainly fantasy/scifi), Magic, You(O0o)
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    I'm a fun teenager that likes to spend his time hanging out with friends and reading. Hmu ;) lol
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  1. Basically what this guy^ said. You need to iterate through the array you wish to print and print them out individually. Currently you are printing the toString method of every java object https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/lang/Object.html#toString() which is the name and hashcode in memory.
  2. I wish. Still no action here. I've settled on downloading them from SoundCloud and putting them on my ftp site. Still annoying though
  3. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5458048/how-to-make-a-python-script-standalone-executable-to-run-without-any-dependency
  4. Yeah that's what I was asking for. You need proof of ownership though.
  5. I would list a lot of things before JS For example: Ruby, sh, Python, LUA, PHP.... what makes you so sure that it is the best scripting language? Assertations need to be backed up - questions don't.
  6. Ah - finally we don't have to argue although tbh neither is english
  7. Thanks, this graphic is really helpful. Is the android kernel just a regular Linux one?
  8. Thanks for the answer - fundamentally I knew about the JVM but not to that detail - so thanks alot. also If I recall there was an attempted JavaOS but it failed... Also I think the GNU Java compiler can compile to machine code, which in my mind seems to undermine the entire idea of Java.... thanks
  9. Well I may not be so well versed in programming, but I can handle english. First - the definition of a compound adjective: "A compound adjective is a single adjective made up of more than one word (e.g., two-seater aircraft, free-range eggs). The words in a compound adjective are often linked together with a hyphen (or hyphens) to show they are part of the same adjective." The word coder, as I used it here, refers to "a person who designs and writes and tests computer programs. computer programmer, programmer, software engineer." Lastly, the word base is "a group of people regarded as sup
  10. Yeah you are probably both correct.... Could have been a little more brutal to be honest - you went fairly soft on me. I recall someone telling me that java code couldn't be an OS because of the way that memory is handles. After some rudimentary research which I should have done before pontificating - it seems as though it is since Java compiles into bytecode and not machine code and therefore it needs to run in a VM which needs to run in an OS. Is this correct? Sry.
  11. c# bothers me - it feels like it just doesnt know what it wants to be. Also it makes sense that those are the languages focused on. Java handles the memory much better than C and C++.... i think you're mistaken. C and C++ are preferred in OSs specifically because they don't have to access RAM and therefore are much much faster in comparison to Java. Otherwise i agree. And to say that there's no sane reason to prefer it seems very fanboy-ish and newby. The entire coder-base disagrees with you.
  12. Don't be sorry! So you are going to have to call your ISP (internet service provider) for that (verizon, optimum etc). You don't need one if you decide to do DDNS (noip.com) but if you want blablabla.com then you do. To explain what a static IP does, you can check your external IP now by typing something along the lines of "what's my IP" into google. That is your external IP and is how people from other parts of the interwebz know where your computer is among the vastness of the internet - without a static external IP this IP that google told you can change anytime. Therefore when people