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  1. That epic burn at the end of the video, "If you wanna comment down below, that's kinda cool I guess, but its better if you go over to the forum, we'll actually read it there"
  2. It really depends on where you are going to take it. If it's going to be sitting on your lap and transferred from place to place, get a thin laptop. If it's going to be seated to a specific desk and doesn't need to move around that often, get a thick one. For me, I use an ultrabook instead, because it can handle the few moderate games I play.
  3. Those do look like some good in-ears, thanks for showing me! Every in-ear I have used just sounds bad to me, maybe I just haven't tried the right ones.
  4. Audio Technica all the way! Though in-ears may be cheaper, you'll be sacrificing good lows. In-ears have never delivered me pleasing sound for a reasonable price, unfortunately.
  5. Damn, I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro only a few weeks ago. Curse you Dell! <_<
  6. Good: Malwarebytes and Windows Defender (Have seemed to do a good job, at least for me) Bad: McAffee (All my friends have sob stories involving this) I HATE IT SO BAD IT SHOULD BURN IN HELL: PC Optimizer Pro (For obvious reasons)
  7. The best headset for that price would probably be an Audio Technica with a mod mic. Besides that I don't know. The good headsets seem to all cost $250 or more. :wacko:
  8. You've written exactly what I was going to write! Only a GTX 990 though? I know GPU's come out really slowly, but you're not aiming high enough. What naming scheme will they come up with after they loop back into the thousands is what I want to know.
  9. Internet slowdown day didn't actually slow down the internet, just littered sites with pictures of the spiral loading icon. Nothing really seemed slower for me.
  10. As said above, usually things like that are caused by stuff just not plugged in correctly. I would suggest checking the plugs. If it's not that, it's probably your software. There's an option somewhere in my computer, at least, that lets me balance the right/left speakers to aid people who're deaf in one ear. Maybe check those out?
  11. I began watching you ages ago, but never subscribed. I'm glad I did recently, just in time for 1 Million Subs! I'm proud to call myself a member of the linustechtips community! :lol: I hope you're going to ship internationally, I hate living in the tropics. :angry: