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  1. Hi Glenwing. Firstly i want to Thank you for taking the time to make this detailed review of the monitor , I was searching for monitor which would support above 60Hz via HDMI and i feel quite satisfied to settle with the XG2401 after reading this review. Just wanted to confirm one last thing before i purchase this product. So basically i need a Monitor for my office work and also to game a bit. I play a few games like Dota ,CS ,BF3 and GTA via my laptop Dell 5577 which runs an i7 7700Hq and a 1050, I get around 70-90 FPS at 1080p at medium setting, So wanted to see how it feels t
  2. Yes it does support , but then again the PCi is limited to an x8 slot , so reduced bandwidth , at the same cost of the ram i could get the gigabyte board , Just needed to make sure that if i spend and it should work , or would have to discard the board. Any idea if my ram would automatically regulate the frequency and adjust to the CPU with the new gigabyte board , because its not working on the server board.
  3. True , it does take a while to load up after all the system checks , so you think the Gigabyte would run well with the ram and CPU ?
  4. Hey Guys, I have a old Dell Edge T110 server with an Xeon E3 1220 , Wanted to use it as a backup gaming rig , but the motherboard does not support non ECC Unbuffered ram, I tried to install my old Corsair vengeance 8 gig 1600 Mhz module and the system throws a boot error. I did some checking around and found out the motherboard does not support this ram and to add to the problem , the PCIe slot is an 8x. So i decide to pick up an older LGA1155 motherboard and run the Xeon E3 1220 along with a some old hardware lying around (As i want to send the minimum on t
  5. Yea, I was hoping that was the reason, maybe some past got onto the caps and shorted it, anyways thanks man.
  6. Yea , it propably may work, but is it safe to turn it on after so many years of no use ?
  7. Not gonna do that, was planning to purchase a hot air soldering gun , and heat it up .
  8. Hi Guys, I have an old GTX 670 which I stopped using in 2016 when my mobi and cpu died , I recently thought of using it again but I am worried it could die once I start using it , as it's been a long time it was not in use, as a similar thing happened to another GPU of mine .I re-pastedbit and plugged it in and in about 15 mins it suddenly stopped and never worked again . I read about the heat treatment where people heat up their components to refresh the solder joints , would I need to do the same with my GTX 670 ? As I would have to purchase the soldering station just for one u
  9. I currently have a GTX 670 which is soon to see retirement .. would really love to get a chance to use this new technology AMD has to offer .. Thanks for the giveaway .. love your channel
  10. Amazing product ... would be so awesome to be given a chance to use this projector ..
  11. Its a nice small computer , i would love to get this and gift it to my DAD for he loves to watch movies on our television connecting it to our netbook , and everytime he goes to watch a movie he gets confused on which cable to connect and where, since he is not tech savy at all, its ok when i am around but when i am not he is left dissapointed if he dosent get the old crapy netbook to run, so i would love to get this and plug it up and mount it behind the tv and get him a wireless keyboard and mouse so he can happily enjoy his free time watching movies and reading books onver the internet ...
  12. Thanks Linus ... your channel has been of great help to me .. as i watched it over the years i have learnt so many things and still continue to learn ... i also brought and assembled my whole computer after watching ur product review and unboxing videos several times just to make sure i was gonna buy the right stuff ..i also emailed u guys regarding my rig details and i got wonderful solutions ...i may have not posted much on the forums but there is not a day that goes by that i dont check your channel ... just waiting for new videos... Cheers to Linus Tech tips on this awesome 1 million mark
  13. Love Intel and Gigabyte products .... the core i7 3960x and the Gigabyte X79-UD3 is like a dream ...bt unfortunately i cant afford them .. bt nwayz Awesome Giveaway ... Thankx Linus , Intel and Gigabyte... Cheers... :D :D :D [h=2][/h]