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  1. It's actually just crazy that this is implemented and working correctly. There is no other company that I think would waste time and money to do the programming and testing for an aspect ratio like this. The reply is from the guy that supposedly did the actual testing for this aspect ration at CDPR: [@LinusTech seems like Witcher 3 is your game, as it supports the 96:9, aka UltraUltraUltraWide aspect ratio lol]
  2. Heads up: I never was a console guy, the only difference for me is the controller (because thats the part that I actually use) and there imo Xbox is far ahead. For the actual topic though: I gotta say, that it Microsoft is behaving like they actually care about playing games and not just(!) their bottom line. The Game Pass (Ultimate) does a great job of offering good value for people on Xbox and PC and Android. Also as mentionend in the last WAN show the Xbox Series S/X have very affordable financing. This Tweet however seems like straigt from heaven - yes ofc. its also marketing bs. but
  3. Very much agreed. As long as they are changing things for the better or are having ongoing costs (e.g. for online music services) I'm not mad if they pass it onto to consumer for a (and then there again there lies the problem:) reasonable price.
  4. https://www.passmark.com/forum/pc-hardware-and-benchmarks/3677-what-is-best-processor-for-complex-excel-workbook From 2012 but still seems to be relevant (?)
  5. If you can share an example of a sheet with the complexity your typically working with I/we could also try and find out whats bottlenecking => what system would work best for you
  6. Hmm gotta say I have a different experience with that. Family member owns a 2017 5er Touring and the software was one of the best for the time. Felt actually usable. But that might just be because it's a newer car? Same thing here. There isn't any problem with the car so far, actually seems super reliable. BUT it was a brand new car and it is leased so if there is any problem down the line I will never know. That being said the Audi A6 he had before had a lot of problems in the time that we had it already.
  7. More or less every German car company was involved in that. BMW to a lesser PUBLICLY KNOWN degree, but that (probably) doesn't really mean anyhting(?)
  8. Yes but no. Might be able to do it where you live but here in Germany if the officials catch you doing that I'm pretty sure your going to be fined heavily because of regulatory stuff.
  9. This is the only thing that actually irritates me. I at least would think that leading in to the future the car brands that look at themselves as being premium would be the ones to NOT include these kinds of money savings. But it seems as if that won't matter.
  10. Yes, BUT you will probably not get as much for reselling the car/if you're leasing the car your probably not allowed to modify it in the first place. Might be able to reverse it without leaving any traces but overall its just an ugly way of "selling" features. Also this might work for seat heating yes, but the article also talks about safety systems and other stuff that's just comes down to software (e.g. heads up display).
  11. Here comes the Linus told you so on WAN show moment: BMW seems to be taking the first real step towards "cars as a service" by making safety and comfort features optional to buy for a limited/permanent time period. Jup, "next-level gouging" seems pretty to be pretty much on point Is this really the group of people that needs to save money? Seems like a lazy excuse to make more money in the end. Also "vehicle as a platform" seems to be the industry term instead of "cars as a service"? I feel like there are already way too many options on cars, especia
  12. How did you find out/what did you do to fix it? disable antivirus and reinstall or sth alike?
  13. I could really need it, because welp my brother is using my keyboard (Coirsair K95 RGB) right now... Yeah, thats how you use two computers efficiently ... NOT And it would be nice to have that extra bit of money for a better monitor, which we also still have to buy for him. [Twitter if needed: White Brownie]