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    Whorax got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show Yourself [Image]   
    Gotta love the sport of hockey.
    [spoiler=Me at a Pens game.  ]

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    Whorax got a reaction from theninja35 in What's the best PSU you've ever had?   
    EVGA G2 because it's the only PSU I've ever had.
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    Whorax reacted to Beeeyeee in [joke]GTX 1030 leaked!   
    GTX 10w30 leaked a little today..  
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    Whorax reacted to FRN in Building for a buddy, any last thoughts?   
    Looks good. But I would stick with the PowerCoror R9 390. It has better performance for the price.
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    Whorax got a reaction from Charger in How should I name my white and purple rig?   
    How about "my computer"?
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    Whorax reacted to Herman Mcpootis in $600-$700 build. Wants 1080p60   
    can consider this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/d9hyD3
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    Whorax reacted to HKZeroFive in $600-$700 build. Wants 1080p60   
    I'd opt for a Skylake i5 6500 and DDR4 RAM combination since the prices are so damn close.
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
    CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($194.99 @ B&H) 
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B150M-DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard  ($69.99 @ Micro Center) 
    Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133 Memory  ($34.99 @ Newegg) 
    Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  ($48.73 @ OutletPC) 
    Video Card: Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4GB NITRO Dual-X OC Video Card  ($199.99 @ Micro Center) 
    Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA GS 550W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply  ($69.99 @ Newegg) 
    Other: Kinguin W10 ($29.00)
    Total: $647.68
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-04-01 21:59 EDT-0400
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    Whorax reacted to handymanshandle in Lawmakers pushing to make owning an unregistered prepaid phone illegal   
    While I see myself as something along the lines of a Democratic Socialist, I do think trying to ban something isn't going to (generally) solve the issue, it just makes it either impossible or harder for people who were going to do things legally.
    I'm not a huge fan of guns, but hey if that's what makes you feel safe, or if you're just target shooting for leisure that's cool too. Personally I find Archery more fascinating than firearms but to each their own as it really should be.
    Gun related deaths are sort of a public health issues, but the guns are the tool not the subject doing the killing it's sort of like an assistant but not the actual criminal. While I don't totally understand why one would need "assault" or semi-automatic rifles for hunting, target practice or self defense, I don't think that they should be totally prohibited. 

    As far as registering prepaid phones to prevent terrorism/crimes, it doesn't totally fix the problem it just ends up causing more problems than it creates. 

    @AresKrieger That might work, I do think that it's important to be certain that someone who is seeking refugee isn't going to pose a threat to the people of that nation that person is seeking refugee in. 
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    Whorax got a reaction from handymanshandle in Lawmakers pushing to make owning an unregistered prepaid phone illegal   
    While nothing I'm about to say is an attempt to start an argument with you (you responded with a courteous response, which is more than what most people on this forum would do, I respect that) I'd like to just point out a statistic and say some more on the topic to prove a sort of point. I'm sure it's nothing you haven't heard before though.
    Vehicle deaths in the US for 2014 was ~32,700 people. Firearms related deaths totaled about 12,600 according to this source I found. Now there are probably some reasons for this i.e. not everyone and their mother owning a firearm in the US, unlike vehicles, yadda yadda yadda, but there are so many people who the media and leftist gov't have scared the shit out of people and have tricked them into believing firearms are evil.
    Like you said, guns are the tools and it's the person behind the trigger doing the killing. If I run someone over, that car isn't responsible for the killing. If I kill someone with a hammer, the hammer isn't at fault. You get my point. It isn't the gun's fault. It's the persons fault. The present day US has turned firearms into a societal problem where lack of responsibility and general safety of the public isn't at the hands of the citizens themselves, it's rather the work of a firearm--an inanimate object; it's an inanimate object that is 100% safe if you have the proper, incredibly simple, training on how to handle it. If you can work a safety and not point at things you don't plan on shooting and keep your finger off the trigger unless you plan on pulling it on one firearm, then you can do it with them all.
    As for why people want true assault weapons (which is a fully automatic weapon. Some people don't even know that much) and other semi-automatic firearms, well I believe everyone has their own reasons, but I have two in particular. 1) because owning an automatic weapon is like owning a sports car. Seriously. People buy Challenger Hellcats over Darts because they're more fun to drive. Same thing with automatics assuming you just throw lead down range. 2) This is the important one. In the case that the government ever attempts to infringe on the rights of the people, you better believe that automatic weapons will be the peoples' best chance at reclaiming their rightful power. When the gov't has assault rifles, the people won't even stand a snowball's chance in Hell with bolt action hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols.
    You're probably correct in terms of not needing them for typical self defense. Firstly because if you're in a home defense scenario there's nothing better that'll stop someone without over penetrating and potentially hitting innocents on the other side of the wall than a 12ga. shell full of buckshot. Second, if you're in a life threatening situation on the streets and you're carrying there's really only one option and that's a pistol because you can't carry around a rifle or shotgun in public without disturbing people and becoming a target yourself.
    Nonetheless, we all have our own different opinions. While I don't agree with yours based on what you said about being a Democratic Socialist, I respect your opinions and beliefs and I certainly respect you not trying to throw them down my throat and/or condemning me for having different views and values.
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    Whorax reacted to don_svetlio in Nvidia or AMD?   
    That is the definition of a "cheap no-name PSU" - it can supply unstable power, wear out a GPU's VRMs and send random power surges to the card which in turn may damage it slowly and kill it.
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    Whorax reacted to Kobathor in Pebble fires 25% of its staff.   
    Smartwatches to me aren't a fad, but they're niche. Not many people care, and even less people are willing to pay the hundreds of dollars for watches that aren't made of gold or whatever.

    I want a Pebble, but only for fun- I'd rather use my Fossil as a regular watch.
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    Whorax got a reaction from Nup in Does "Gamer Style" mean anything to you??   
    I don't like gamer designs, but I don't mind out of left field unique designs (i.e. Sennheiser HD 800) that don't make you look like a complete goofball.
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    Whorax got a reaction from ace_cheaply in Lawmakers pushing to make owning an unregistered prepaid phone illegal   
    Well I'll be damned. This is exactly what I say when libtards say they want to get rid of assault and semi automatic rifles.
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    Whorax got a reaction from Lonelycat in What is college?   
    A fairly decent waste of time and money unless you're in a STEM field (and you plan on passing and eventually getting a degree).
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    Whorax reacted to Damikiller37 in Controller for controller games   
    I just recently got an Xbox One controller with the Wireless receiver and love it! I've previously had the Xbox 360 controller and after 7 years of service it needed a replacement. Honestly I would recommend the Xbox One controller since in my opinion it feels like a solid upgrade over the Xbox 360 one. I wouldn't go with the Steam controller to be fair. My friend has one and I used it; despite it being pretty cool I'm not sure how you would like the layout of it.
    I would stick with the 360 controller if it's still fine and working. If you aren't used to controllers the only way to adapt is use them more where switching to a completely different kind of layout on a controller may throw you off even more.
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    Whorax got a reaction from ApolloX75 in The Divison Impressions   
    Having only been playing for less than a full day, I really enjoy it thus far. Haven't even gotten into the DZ yet.
    I'll give it an 8/10 for now.
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    Whorax got a reaction from AluminiumTech in Far Cry Primal map, the same map as Far Cry 4?   
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    Whorax reacted to killcomic in How2FirstDate?   
    Because you sound like a berk. It doesn't make you look cool or intelligent. You sound just like a little kid who spends too much time on the internet.
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    Whorax got a reaction from GeekJump in Battlefield 5 rumored to be set in WW1   
    WWII for nostalgia? What, are you a WWII vet or something wishing you could go back to the good ole days?
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    Whorax got a reaction from vanished in Battlefield 5 rumored to be set in WW1   
    WWII for nostalgia? What, are you a WWII vet or something wishing you could go back to the good ole days?
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    Whorax got a reaction from as96 in Choice of education program for game development   
    I can only answer the first question.
    Get a CS degree instead. You can do much more things with it once you come to the realization that video game development isn't as cool as it may seem on the outside and you can't get a job because demand isn't through the roof for people that can make games, which is just about the exact opposite for computer scientists. The world wants computer scientists right now.
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    Whorax reacted to tataklee in $450 budget, already have RAM and mobo   
    Never used reddit. Get the buyer protection at Kinguin for a Dollar or something and you're good to go. Almost everyone I know uses Kinguin keys, nobody ever had issues. Paul of Paul's Hardware even did a video about it.
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    Whorax reacted to Atmos in industry sources - AMD market share may hit new low in Q1 2016   
    Which is what I'm talking about. The most popular 900 series gpu the 970 and 960 are quite literally worse for your money. The 390 costs the same as the 970 and out performs it, the 380 costs the same as the 960 and very solidly out performs it; plainly hardly anyone should be buying those gpus, but there's so much god damned misinformation spreading and fanboying going on out there that people literally believe that nvidia is some sort of absolute power and nothing compares to them in performance.
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