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  1. Would love to win this! I would upgrade my PC with this and give my little brother my Z97 parts. It would be a present for two!
  2. So.. i did the paper clip test on my power supply and it worked like a charm. Now I've turned my PC on and off about 5 times. I guess the instant cpu shutoff and some safety features with other parts made my psu go haywire? Paper clips are life savers.
  3. Well then.. i turned it off then tried again and now it won't post What in the world.
  4. Well then.. i turned it off then tried again and now it won't post What it the world.
  5. Wow, I did one last attempt when I got home from work before I started the RMA process and all systems seem good to go. It probably had to do with the safety features on some of the parts. Left it alone overnight and all seems good now. Thanks to everyone who invested their time in this!
  6. Hmm.. so the cpu should be at least somewhat okay. Hopefully I didn't miss a step from the above posters or do a step wrong. I'll check for the bent pins tomorrow after work and I'll keep you updated. Starting to think that the whole incident probably affected the motherboard then..
  7. I just want to make sure it isn't the motherboard.. I have the Asrock Extreme4 Z97 mobo. When I try powering it on, nothing lights up, no fans, etc.. It also has a debug led and it doesn't come on either. Could that still be caused by the CPU? Somehow the mouse and keyboard still get power through the board if they are able to light up. Should I just try to RMA both?
  8. Alright, updating some info. The power supply seems to at least be pushing power through the system. I have a mouse and keyboard that light up when the PSU is on even if the PC is off. Now it's down to the CPU itself or somehow it caused damage to the mobo.
  9. Well, I tried without the graphics card already. The CPU graphics should've at least worked though. Nothing will turn on at all though ever since I turned off the PC because the cpu was overheating. I will unplug everything and leave it alone for some time. Then also test the PSU. I want to thank everyone in the thread for the help by the way! Hopefully I can get it running.
  10. Well everything was running perfectly fine until the cpu cooler failed. Should some lights/fans still turn on even if the cpu is bad?
  11. Yeah, I took out the graphics card to take out the battery. Seems like the cpu did fail somehow. Just to make sure, if the cpu is bad, nothing will turn on at all right?
  12. Hmm.. Just tried and no luck. Lame.. Any more options or possibilities before I start the process of getting a new cpu? It was running fine before that incident. It must be the cpu.
  13. How would I go about clearing the CMOS? I'm a newbie when it comes to that part.
  14. Yes I applied some new paste. It's a Pentium G3258. You really think it's RIP? I thought it would have some safety mechanism where it would shut off if it got too hot? If that ends up to be the case, I guess the quad core upgrade will come sooner than expected..