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  1. They are used for driving my other monitors, I could free one of them. And use a HDMI to DVI for the other. Also, this is a dual input monitor. More specific than just a single adapter like many suggest.
  2. So I got a crt monitor that is capable of doing some pretty high resolutions (2048 x 1536 @80Hz maximum). Problem is that this monitor has a dual VGA input and what I have available on my graphics card is one HDMI and one DP port. What is the best way to connect this monitor?
  3. Honestly, Rockstar is the opposite of Bethesda. Instead of welcoming modders, they rather bury them in the ground. Recent takes modders had to make their own version of GTA online were shut down, they even hired private investigators on these guys. All DLC they published is free, but also remember that there are €50 'microtransactions'. So I would argue that not even R* is a good publisher. I do agree on Bethesda not being a great publisher anymore, I lost all respect in them with the paid mods thing. I like how everybody was so mad about this that they decided they wouldn't buy Bethesda g
  4. Cool, still standing behind their quality. Not a lot of companies do that anymore. Not so good news for those who bought these units though.
  5. I never got my 770 to run the game at respectable settings. They haven't optimised for this card at all it seems, more people with 770's report horrible performance.
  6. Somebody on this forum has a 295x2, forgot who exactly. He mentioned that you need good cables and good airflow over these cables, because even the cables apparently get hot.
  7. My experience with Korean monitors is that they are good, but I definitely wouldn't buy one again. The build quality is pathetic, the stand is awful, and what you are getting is a panel that didn't pass quality tests. If I have to buy a 1440p monitor again, I'll buy from a more common brand, but my Korean monitor serves me well for now.
  8. I'll add to this, the ps2 and psp are both worth the buy. They are really cheap and have a massive collection of good games. I recently got the complete Burnout franchise for the ps2, which is my personal favorite racing series. I tried a lot of racing games on PC, not a single one I enjoyed as much as one of the Burnout games on ps2. And I got a psp for 20 euro, seller said it was dead, but only the battery was dead, so it was an easy fix. Softmodded the psp and now I'm waiting for the microsd adapter to arrive. The psp uses Sony's proprietary SD cards which are really expensive nowadays
  9. I would do a fresh install, cloning isn't worth it simply because of all the junk they have installed on these laptops. After installing Windows you need to install all the drivers, which can found on the manufacturer's site.
  10. True, cars are the first thing I think of with that statement. They never needed computers, but that massive tablet in the middle sure sells.
  11. Good point, but we had a need for something that has internet and could do small tasks on the go. Otherwise laptops would not have been a thing. I don't get where the need for this fridge comes from?
  12. Yay, another title with little challenge and one button hacking. Let's see how much they advertise the graphics this year, they sure blew us away with the graphics they showed last time. Right?
  13. That may just be the truth. I don't get why at this point, because we have smartphones that can do a lot of the given tasks already. Do we really need to innovate fridges?