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    Cavin8 got a reaction from 1Scotty1 in Good LGA 1150 liquid cooler   
    I never looked at the X61, but it looks good so I might get that.
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    Cavin8 reacted to JLCitadel in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Heaven Society
    (Aka Anime Club)

    Who are we?
    People who share a common interest
    What do we do?
    Pick one anime each week to watch then discuss with each other
    How do we choose that anime?
    Each week we pick an anime, during the course of the week, you make a post here with the title of the anime you wish to see, along with a one sentence minimum reason for submitting it, once the week is almost through, a poll will be created with five of the anime that were submitted based on position of submission and category. The poll will include a short synopsis of each anime as well as pictures.
    What about longer running anime?
    (Ex. One Piece) No individual is going to be required to watch X amount of the anime, we simply ask you watch at least one episode before giving your opinion.
    Where is the weekly anime discussed?
    Each week after an anime wins the poll selection, a separate thread will be created, and this current thread will be updated. Any discussion of that anime will be in said thread. (each thread will have a link to each other)
    What's the purpose of this thread?
    This thread for all intents and purposes, will serve as a "Home" for the club. Myself & @MyInnerFred will be here to discuss or answer any questions you have about the club and take suggestions / ideas for improvement. It will also serve as a place for members of the club to be recognized for significant posts.
    1. Discover New Interesting Anime
    2. Share Anime We Like With Others
    3. Expose New People To Anime
    4. Have Fun
    1. We are here to have fun, keep the discussions friendly, and always within Code of Conduct
    2. Avoid starting discussions of anime that we have previously watched unless you are comparing it to what we are currently watching.
    3. If you have any questions about the club specifically, messaging me is preferred over posting. Keep the posts about the current anime.
    4. Mentioning other anime is fine, as long as there is a connection, or similar event. Remember to use spoilers when talking about plot sensitive information in an anime.
    5. Remember with each post you make, to be informative, and to contribute a well thought out opinion. (ex. Not saying "Wow this sucks")
    6. Keep the discussion of the weekly anime in the thread itself, linked and updated every week below.
    - Warning -
    Sexual posts are NOT allowed anywhere on the LTT Forums. Our thread is no Exception.
    We have received warnings directly from Slick and various Mods.
    Violation of this rule by Heaven Society Club Members will Result in Club Shutdown.
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    Cavin8 got a reaction from Trik'Stari in Why do people hate Microsoft also?   
    They pulled a nvidia on us (they skipped 9) and I will hate them forever for that. 
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    Cavin8 reacted to LinusTech in Does Linus have new lighting? The video looks different   
    Just color correction
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    Cavin8 reacted to bobby3605 in I found the Windows 10 release date   
    I just got Windows 10 on my primary computer just like Microsoft said not to. Then I loaded up a Windows license checker to make sure Windows is activated because i have the build number in the bottom right corner. I saw that I was licensed and that the key Microsoft gives you ends on April 15th 2014 at 6:59:59 PM. Could Windows 10 be released then? Only Microsoft (and maybe me) know. 

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    Cavin8 reacted to CowsGoRoar in I am worried about my computer   
    I usually get 70 on both CPU and GPU. Your temps aren't normal, they're too cool to be normal.