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  1. Thankfully, price is no object Thanks for this. We use the rokoko smart suit, as we had beta units we got them for about £1000 but they're about £2500 now annoyingly. Still extremely cheap compared to the movie setups though, and still cheaper than xsens. For consumers, getting a bunch of Vive trackers at key points around the body is still probably the cheapest option, but with added faff, charging and bandwith as demonstrated in the video.
  2. Was actually super useful to my line of work, I'd really like to know what 4 port USB card he used that ended up cleaning up the data. We've had similar issues with tracking data dropping off for no apparent reason.
  3. Dat new razor blade, for the kickass mobile performance on the go! Congrats on 3 mil
  4. We've just moved house and have a basement room with nothing in it, this would be perfect to fill up those empty walls and build a nice gaming den!
  5. An LTT discord server would be so packed it's untrue love the program already and I loved your video with them Luke, don't understand the hate, some people can't take a little joke...
  6. It hasn't stopped the Vive having support for Macs though. Imma gonna test this on my hackintosh tomorrow, the thought only just occurred to me.
  7. What about people with Hackintoshes? Obviously they're not officially supported but some people's would have the raw power to do VR if they wanted to surely?
  8. Rig Name: Maverick CPU: i5 4690K GPU: R9 270X 4GB Edition 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 RIP my pc, would need 1k to get new GPU and a VR headset itself
  9. It will be running the Universal appls like on desktop Windows 10, which are already designed to adapt to whatever screen size or shape natively.
  10. I really enjoyed Battlefront II and I can't wait to see what this brings to the table!
  11. This is the same one Juanse linked and it won't do old style connections
  12. The model that I need would be this one, but this is categorised as a 'Pro' model and is nearly double the price of the Intensity
  13. I saw that, but it doesn't have SD input without buying a whole load of converters, i'm looking for an all-in-one solution.
  14. Hi there, I'm looking for an internal capture card, but my requirements are: I want to be able to capture from analogue sources, such as old games consoles, so the card requires some form of SD input But I also want to be able to capture 1080p60 and higher footage, for futureproofing reasons. I've seen a small amount of cards, like this one from AverMedia, but due to it's age it doesn't even have support for 1080p. There's also the Intensity Pro 4K from Blackmagic, which sounds good and comes with a breakout cable, but I've read that some people had issues with this card, though they may