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  1. Depending on where you live, you can pick up the Xbox One headset adapter and headset combo for ~$30-50. The headset is nothing special, but for gaming it is decent and it is pretty comfortable.
  2. This is the best approach. Pick whichever platform focuses on your areas of interest and has the games you will most enjoy. For example, I bought the Xbox One simply b/c I love to play Halo.
  3. I own this one and it is awesome. Also comes with a removable wrist rest. I previously owned a Razer Blackwidow which started to malfunction after a year of light use.
  4. Hm OK. I had a very similar problem and it went away once I uninstalled ASUS audio driver. Other things to confirm are: the PCI-E slot on the mobo is free of dirt/dust, the GPU is firmly seated and secured, and all power connectors are secured to the GPU and mobo.
  5. Do you have a sound card installed? If so, remove it from your PC, uninstall the driver and use your mobos on-board audio.
  6. Apple should not make an option available that deletes the original copy of your files on your computer. There is value-added in this service (i.e. scanning the songs and attempting to pair it with the equivalent in Apple Music), but there is NO need to delete the file afterwards. And it doesn't matter if the option is disabled by default, people are either (a) not going to read; (b) are not going to understand what the function does; (c) make a mistake and click it by accident; and (d) most people don't back up their files. Then again, I suppose they want to lock you i
  7. Implementing a new platform is not equivalent to messing up a pre-existing platform (which is what your example is applicable to). MS didn't "create issues." They didn't purposely leave out GSync support to screw over people with NVIDIA gpus, make them buy an Xbox One, make NVIDIA go out of business, then buy AMD, push Intel out of the market and then have a total monopoly. Adding a platform for gaming, which does legitimately bring value to gamers (maybe not YOU specifically) is improvement. If you don't like it, then don't use it.
  8. A lot of people seem to have very unrealistic . MS was not planning to keep the FPS lock and not add support for GSYNC & Freesync etc. on UWP. UWP is a new system, and they simply cannot add every feature and support for everything at the start. It also doesn't make sense for them delay the platform until everything is integrated because that's an uphill battle. Their approach of rolling it out, getting dev support and seeing what features users want then prioritizing them is the right approach.
  9. Microsoft appears to be killing the Lumia line and trying to start fresh with a new line, aka Surface-like branding. I think it is the best move at this point. All the people who profess their love for Windows Phone keep spewing doom-and-gloom, but Microsoft was very clear at the launch of the 950/XL that the phone was to appease the current fans.
  10. The 13" Macbook Air still has a screen resolution of 900p and is STILL not an IPS panel...for $1200 CAD. It also gets less battery life than other cheaper ultrabooks that have higher resolution panels.
  11. Wait a bit and see what other laptops support the Core...Dell might release an update to allow XPS 13 and 15s to work with it.
  12. I don't really see the point in this Kindle especially for the premium price. The Voyager is already high end and the Paperwhite has basically the same display. Amazon could have at least made it water resistant. They are heavily marketing the extended battery life of this reader but honestly do people read so much that the Paperwhite isn't sufficient?
  13. Uh...Gear VR has been sold since December (I have one) for my Note5 and it works amazing. I didn't tell the OP to buy the S7 over another device, I simply listed features that some devices physically do not have that might be of interest to the OP. Water resistance could be very important to some people same with SD expansion...
  14. If you scroll up, you can see my previous response explaining my logic. Is it possible for the xbox to be in a smaller form factor? Yes. I was not stating that it was impossible or that what they did was a good idea. I was simply stating that you made a big assumption by saying they didn't care about designing a better cooling system. If they are capable of designing the Surface line I am sure they could do better with the Xbox, but the Surface Pro/Book are high end devices. The Xbox has to hit a low price point, which in Canada for example is the best value for gaming.