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  1. I kinda like the way the new 980ti looks. They are obviously moving towards dark grayish and orange on some recent released products. Doesn't make sense to me as the whole ROG product line is black and red. A lot of people don't like black and red nowadays it seems. Probably played out somewhat.
  2. Making some changes and fixing some stuff. Issue with the Asus Impact the vertical power board makes a couple cooler tight. The only recommended cooler for this case is the h100i as the rad is thinner. The h100i gtx is thicker making the fans hit the vertical power board. The h80i I bought will not fit in the side, back or front. The case hits the rad in the back and I don't want to modify the case by bending or cutting. The fans in the front are threaded in the care and not open like a standard fan hole. So i got lucky and found brand new h100i's in stock at corsair. Then found a exten
  3. Thanks guys! I had a guy fly down from Manhatten NY to South Carolina, rent a car, buy the rig and drive back to NY.
  4. Thanks guys! It is "Budget" compared to my usual builds. But is pretty sick for a mITX system.
  5. Decided to build a mITX system. It all started as a $300 pfsense build and then over a course of a couple weeks I switched parts out to make it a small gaming/theater rig. Corsair 380t Asus ROG Maximus VIII impact Asus ROG Matrix 980ti Intel 6700k 16gb Corsair Vengence ddr4 3200mhz Corsair cx850m psu 2 X Sandisk 480gb ssd raid 0
  6. The x7 is pretty incredible. Can pair with two Bluetooth devices and play those at the same time while input coming through usb or line in. The iPad/iPhone/android app is pretty awesome for controlling it as well. The ax chip is better than any on airs sound chip on a motherboard, surround sound/recon 3d positional sound is awesome with these 712 headphones. I might plug in the old tiamat and other just to compare at some point but the 712 honeymoon is still going strong.
  7. The x7 was $399.00 There are cheaper options but I liked the features the x7 offers.
  8. I have three since September and October and they all three are perfect and 0 issues so far..
  9. I am so tired of "gaming headphones" crappy so called positional audio and mediocre sound quality for games and music. My main decision for buying certain motherboards was the audio built into them, not anymore! Retiring the 10 or so gamibg headsets I've gathered over the years for good.this new setup has enhanced my gaming to a god mode like experience. It's unbelievable the soundstage these AKG 712pros have and then add the sound blaster x7 to the mix..... I'm completely speechless and had no idea the sounds BF4 had in them. So easy to pinpoint gun fire and where people are walking/running
  10. I have a razer 7.1 Tiamat and have Ben using it with my Asus Ramoage IV Black on board audio. It is decent only issue is the bad is really weak and almost non existent in 7.1 mode but great on stereo mode. I switched to a Roccat Kave (the new one that just came out). It is the absolute best surround sound headset I've ever used. I can pinpoint sounds from all directions and can now hear people sneaking up on me in BF4. I'll probably never buy boards based on sound cards anymore as I will use this roccat with built in sound card...
  11. Ah dang.. Sorry for the bad news hopefully it gloats sorted quickly.
  12. LOL, thank you. When I decided to add a third I really put myself through turmoil trying to justify it. Well it just made since I was already overboard and way over budget (my wife's set amount).. all in all at this I am very happy and wouldn't have done it different.
  13. Thank you godsarmy... Yep, demciflex filters.. I made a custom cover to cover it when it isn't being used also. It doesn't run 24/7.