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  1. I was actually looking for something that can handle video rendering, VM, and streaming. possibly even Unity game creation. Thanks for the advice
  2. If you know sites who sell boards for that cheap, could you link them to me.. also if by any chance you have one for sale, can you ship it to Canada?
  3. I found some on alexpress for around $150 dollar range, Ebay is also a good place to look at.... maybe even someone from your area could be selling it on kijiji or craigslist. Found someone from my area selling a brand new MSi x99 board for $100.....
  4. Giben me plllzss I have 2 PCs, mine has 660ti, so there's no point of getting this prize....but the other PC is running that 4 years old amd Trinity a10-5700 with that radeon 7660d can't run any games unless it's 720p, lowest settings, winning any of these cards would probably make my parents happy ?
  5. Perfect timing, and also I want to know how it exactly works, when I win, I'll make a video explaining how it works, this should be very cool