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    Computer Science ,games all that stuff :P
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    I`m a programmer and a PC enthusiast, love games and anything tech related.
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    Java developer


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    i7 4770K
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    16gb XMS3 2000MHZ
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    RTX 2060
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    Cooler Master Q300L
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    1 TB Seagate Barracuda , 120 GB Sandisk SSD
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    750W Seventeam 80 plus bronze
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    AOC Agon 32`
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    HyperX Alloy FPS
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    Logitech g305
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    Win 10, Zorin OS
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    Dell G3

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for reading this! I'm doing some work and i'm needing to call an rest api(All operations; POST, PUT, GET) from a .net library. This .net library will be called in WinDev. I found many tutorials and all of them use a console application and i don't know if thats applicable to using methods, since they always run in the main class. Here is my api controller for reference: namespace APIDevelopers.Controllers { [Route("api/Developers")] [ApiController] public class DevelopersController : ControllerBase { private readonly IRepository _reposito
  2. Wow, it was the special characters, thank you! Now it works and i know in the future!
  3. Yes, it even shows up im my octave file browser
  4. Hey guys, hope you all are having a great day! I`m not able to make octave open an image, i installed graphicsMagick and still nothing, i`m very new to this program. Sorry if this is a stupid question. this is the error: img = imread('water-drop.jpg'); error: Magick++ exception: Magick: Unable to open file (C:\Users\igorp\Documents\iniciação\water-drop.jpg) reported b y magick/blob.c:3080 (OpenBlob) error: called from __imread__ at line 80 column 10 imageIO at line 118 column 28 imread at line 106 column 33 I`m using windows 10 btw.
  5. Hey, thanks for your reply. That's it. the audio does not need to play at the same time. I want the switch to be able to get audio from the speakers that are connected to my pc.
  6. Hey guys, i need some help. I bougth this Gaming monitor with no speakers on it, i cant use hdmi and use the headphone port to connect the speakers on the monitor because i have a display port cable to get 144hz, which leaves the edifier speakers that i have connect to my pc and my switch which is connected to the same monitor without audio. Dos anyone know a way to get audio on both systems? It`s confusing to explain and english not being my primady language does not help. Thanks a lot guys
  7. Hey guys, how are you guys doing? So, i was trying to install a flatpak and in the tutorial i was following it made me install the gnome store( i was able to remove that) and with it i think came cannonical livepatch, that for the love of god i can't unnistall. Can someone lend me a tip to remove this ? I tried to list my installed apps with snap and flatpak, but came no results
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, sorry for explaining badly what was going on, I was in a rush. but I was able to solve it, I was comparing a char with an int. I used Character.getNumericValue and the if was able to verify correctly!
  9. Hey everyone, how are you guys today? I'm doing a round robin scheduler and i've come across this problem. The tempodeExecucao variable is in the correct amount and so does the cpu[0].vetordeIO as the screenshot shows. but it won't go into the if. i need the verification to work so i can send the process on the queue. thanks for the help! if (cpu[0].vetorDeIO.length != 0) { if (cpu[0].tempodeExecucao == cpu[0].vetorDeIO) { System.out.println("OPERACAO IO"); System.out.println("NOME E TEMPO DE
  10. Hey, sorry for taking so long to answer. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to help me! your help was very valuable and I've been able to advance a lot in my code! I used inheritance as a desperate measure to see if it worked, lol. I'm rusty on programming (this semester has been mostly theoretical) and I've read a lot of about object-oriented programming to regain all the knowledge i forgot. Again, thank you
  11. I'm trying to use the value in numeroDeProcessos to set the numero in the ContadorDeProcessos class. the value is right in the leitor class, but when I try to set in the ContadorDeProcessos class, the value stays 0, not allowing me to create the right size array and throwing an exception. you can see in the code the multiples attempts i made, the only way it works is for me to set the array size anything more than the number i need, that in this case is 4. but i want something that can work in multiple cases
  12. Yes, i'm trying to acess a int variable and create an array using it. THis is the class im trying to take numeroDeProcessos and use in contadorDeProcessos, you can see multiple atempts and a very poorly organized code, that's the result of me almost giving up public class Leitor { int numeroDeProcessos = 0; int contadorDeprocesso = 0; Escalonador escalonador = new Escalonador(); public void analisarTamanho() throws Exception { ContadorDeProcessos contadorNUmero = new ContadorDeProcessos(); BufferedReader analisador = new
  13. Hey guys, how are you today? I have an assignment for my school that requires me to implement a round-robin process scheduler without using java collectibles, ArrayList or any other stuff really. I'm having this probably very stupid problem. I'm taking an int variable that is my number of processes that is in the class that reads a text file and trying to create a static array of processes in another class. This int value will set the array size. I tested to see if the right value is correct, and it is. the problem is attributing between classes. i tested with using setters,
  14. I already checked my ram is DDR3, 1333MHZ From an unknown OEM lol