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  1. I would like to be the best grill gamer there is out there, I will use that xsplit account to make my stream the best grill gamer stream there is out there, with the dankest white boards and all.
  2. I got my invite, downloaded and played, it's...I'm speechless.
  3. Yeah really enjoyed playing with you all, especially when we were all sighing over 1 person disconnecting
  4. Was a good meet up today all, had tons of fun when we were actually in the game!
  5. +1, I think this is a great idea, I am totally on board with this! Would love to see a lot more of these operations come to play, really brings out the crowd that we have behind us!
  6. Keep em coming, the more good ones the better
  7. So I am trying to find a picture of Gary Oldman to use for the infograph, anyone got any suggestions on which picture? @ixi_your_face
  8. So I sent my H100i to RMA, got a H100i GTX back instead, am very happy :D

    1. JoaoPRSousa



  9. HDR selfies for all that high quality selfies
  10. Yeah, I thought it sends friends into the same instance, but it looks like it seems random, but out of a couple of instances, though they might have increased the amount of instances since then.
  11. I've already glitched my way to it, it's pretty simple. If you want to do it all you need is a controller, go into prone by crouching with your Keyboard, then with your controller, then at the L shaped sofa that looks over the connie in Jobwell, back yourself into the wall while in prone and you should glitch through the wall. It's pretty amazing to even see that they have done progress in parts that you aren't even suppose to be in!
  12. But I don't want to spoil it for people, it's a truly wow moment when you launch it and see it for yourself.
  13. Yeah I got into it, already walked around and now I'm super hyped again
  14. All I can say is after launching this is, Holy Shit.
  15. Guys I got the invite to the PTU! Gonna download it now
  16. With a name like Derek Smart, how can I take anything seriously.