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  1. So does anyone know a release date in the USA for major retailers? Or maybe a Linus review???
  2. Hmm interesting i guess i read more reviews on it @elitemav
  3. I guess ill go with the G502 over the FK1 based on cost. I also have the Logitech software installed so i dont need another program which is nice. The G502 is currently $68 so i guess that one wins. The FK1 scares me because i don't know what kind of reputation or build quality they have since I have never used a product form them .
  4. Im not sure weight really matters to me. I use the original death adder and its fine so i don't know what im missing anyway. My mouse pad is rough and hard to use for other people so im accustomed to using more force to move the mouse since i use the hard side of the Razer Vespula. Is the Zowie really that great that is it better then the G502? @SeanAngelo
  5. So im interested in a new mouse. I use the Razer Vespula mouse pad and a original Deathadder mouse. Its time for a new mouse so i want either the G502 or G402. Which one do you recommend? I usually only play FPS games like Battlefiled4 so i want the best mouse for that and one that will work nicely for my mouse pad since i need a mouse pad with a gel insert for my wrist.
  6. i like that the phone is dust proof. I like the dband part because of the texture. The texture seems very nice to hold and use.
  7. Is the water extreme 2.0 compatible with the corsair 550D case?
  8. So which is better for use with a corsair 550D case and a 4770k processor. The Corsair H100i or Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme?
  9. well im looking something that will hopefully last me through college i am looking to upgrade my Case, Mobo, CPU and CPU cooler. I was thinking of a MSI GD 65 Z87 for the motherbaord with a 4770k with possibly an h100i. i don't plan to do serious overclocking but just medium overclocks if i can get it with haswell. (4.0-4.2 maybe). I have a Raidmax RX-1000AE (1000 watt PSU) and a EVGA GTX 570 it runs pretty cool in a cooler master storm trooper where it is now but it has all fans on in the case and two 120mm fans blowing directly on the card.
  10. Right now the 550D and R4 are the same price where i am ( NY USA) Right now the 550D and R4 are the same price where i am ( NY USA)
  11. Ok so it does have the USB 3.0 thats cool but im concerned still. Can it mount an H100i on the top? Airflow compared to 550D? Dust Levels? Since it will be sitting on Carpet it these kinds of cases might have problems i think not sure
  12. The Fractal Design R4 is not bad similar physical size to 550D but quite a bit heavier and no USB 3.0
  13. Im really not sure what do i want something that can do ATX size motherboards since i will probably be going for a MSI GD-65 Z87 motherboard. Can it accommodate my GTX 570 (EVGA)