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    monster_mm reacted to CuzinEd in Monitor won't shut off/sleep like it normally does   
    So for anyone who has the same issue I went digging around on the internet and found this. 
    I am using the same Joystick, a Logitech 3D Pro. It seems having a USB joystick or a controller like an Xbox One/360 controller will stop your display from shutting off. 
    That is really dumb. Why MS hasn't fixed it is beyond me. 
    But that's how you fix it. 
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    monster_mm got a reaction from ObeliskAG in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Paying respect to that keyboard

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    monster_mm got a reaction from Gegger in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Paying respect to that keyboard

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    monster_mm got a reaction from raulinbonn in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Paying respect to that keyboard

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    monster_mm got a reaction from son_of_ottie in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Paying respect to that keyboard

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    monster_mm got a reaction from cbigfoot in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Paying respect to that keyboard

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    monster_mm reacted to Macaw2000 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Here's a video of the final:
    And a bit of commentary... I feel a bit low about marching in here with my big cloud cluster and "winning." I had no need to win but, in fact, was on a learning rampage. I was learning AWS, the CDK, ECS, Docker, Nodejs, Typescript, auto-scaling, AWS Budgets, Linux, GitHub, pull requests... the list goes on an on.
    I have tremendous respect for the rigs you built. Drooled over the build logs @Den-Fi posted. That stuff is beyond me. I can't even get LED strip to work on the front of my computer case!  Mine was an exercise in software architecture and cheap cloud computing at scale. 
    @walderston I'm not sure what you are running but that is an impressive climb! @n0xlf Linux fist-bump - good to fold with you. @leadeater and @GOTSpectrum fantastic way to build a community and run a contest. 
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    monster_mm got a reaction from realpetertdm in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Mine is sitting idle at the moment too as I'm not getting any CPU work right. GPU get's some but I have no info.

    I think Stanford servers just getting smashed by all the new interest.

    I noticed some issues just trying to look at stats URL before and was getting "bad gatway" errors as it appeared to load from the databse.


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    monster_mm got a reaction from Metallus97 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently

    100% CPU going strong

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    monster_mm got a reaction from leadeater in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently

    100% CPU going strong

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    monster_mm got a reaction from vile1 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently

    100% CPU going strong

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    monster_mm got a reaction from Gegger in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently

    100% CPU going strong

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    monster_mm got a reaction from borderman16 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently

    100% CPU going strong

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    monster_mm reacted to dom1310df in Need to make sure staff have downloaded/read safety bulletins   
    Mailchimp, which can be used to send out emails, has a feature where you can track whether recipients have:
    Opened the email Downloaded the attachments, clicked on links etc. It is designed for email marketing but can work for staff bulletins. They also have apps for iOS and android where you can see who has read the email.
    There is a very generous free tier, for 200 email addresses and 10000 emails a month, with paid upgrades available
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    monster_mm reacted to Kirky2k15 in Need to make sure staff have downloaded/read safety bulletins   
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    monster_mm got a reaction from Kirky2k15 in Need to make sure staff have downloaded/read safety bulletins   
    Thanks Kirky2k15,

    This may help in the interim, I'll look into it a bit more. But we were hoping for something that was a little more attachment specific. 
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    monster_mm reacted to Glenwing in Where did the idea of "macs are the best for video/audio editing"?   
    I think the question is when did this come from... And the answer is, from a time when it was truer than it is today.
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    monster_mm reacted to GoodBytes in Was Linus right? Phantom Glass Mini-Review   
    Phantom Glass is a new company with a new screen protector product of the same name. The company is a subsidiary of from a Canadian company called Proprietary Innovation Labs Inc. What is so special about their screen protectors, why does it deserve a review? Well their screen protector is different from the rest, and is targeted as a premium solution that does deliver on its claims.
    The company claims that their Phantom Glass screen protector provide you with perfect clarity,  oleophobic coating (special oil coating which repeals finger prints, residual oils, and make the screen easy to clean) , and uses a silicone nano-adhesion which leaves no residue when removed, and requires no water or special liquid product to apply for installation. They also add that the product is easy, and can be done under 30sec,  boldly claims that this is the last screen protector you’ll ever need (I’ll presume for the device).
    So what? Every screen protector claims the same, beside the oleophobic coating part, you say.
    Well, you see, the difference is that this screen protector is a sheet of a glass, NOT a lame sheet of plastic. In fact, it is using Gorilla Glass (a good scratch resistant tempered glass). As it is glass, and not a sheet of plastic, it does not distorted the image nor colors, and you retain the image quality of your device. You have all the advantages to Gorilla Glass as well, such as it is flexible and hard to scratch.
    In addition, the adhesive used is able to fill in micro scratches, so if your device has scratches already, they will disappear or reduce their visibility.
    While they are other screen protectors on the market that is uses glass, they are all 0.7mm thick, while Phantom Glass is 0.2mm, and is using, as mentioned, Gorilla Glass.
    In this review, we will see how this product deliver on its claims, and we will see how it interferes with the touch experience and how it interferes with digitize pen technology, more specially, Wacom’s one. For the test, we will use the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. A high-end, very powerful convertible system, which features a high end touch screen and digitizer. I have contacted the manufacture for it, and I was shipped the ‘Microsoft Surface’ one.
    This review will cover every area of the product, with a high level of standard and expectation in mind. The best I can, at least. It must be noted that I am not a professional reviewer. This product was not given to me for review either. I decided to review it.
    A note:
    The goal of this review is to inform everyone, and the company to improve their product. I strongly believe that perfection should be the goal of every manufacture. Definitely not an easy feet, I am aware. Especially price bound by a target price (I do not think many people will buy a 100$ screen protector, if you know what I mean), but regardless, an attitude of ‘good enough, ship it!’, or ‘whatever, they just play angry birds’, is not an attitude to have.
    Let’s get in
    Phantom Glass is a screen protector that is sold as premium one. Its price tag reaches 40$! Canadian. Such premium product needs to be perfect in all angles for what it is, and this is why this review will cover practically everything, including the packaging.
    The product comes with in a nice plastic box, which will never bend or damage the screen protector inside, even when shipped by mail. A problem that I have been experiencing with other screen protectors that uses a thin cardboard envelop to have the screen protector. Great in stores, but have it shipped, expect the product to be bent and damaged. Here, this should not be of any concern.

    As much as the packaging is great, the French translation needs some work. Now I’ll admit I am not French language professor, but the company should definitely need to seek a French translator or expert to get the French language just right. Some people might be bothered by this, especially if sold in Quebec retail stores, so perhaps it might be worth looking into it.

    Opening the package is fairly simple. There is two tapes to cut at the top and bottom of the package, which opens like a book, and 2x sticky tapes on the side. They are easy to remove. It keeps the packaging from opening, and you can see if it was open before or not. No one wants the surprise of having to spend 40$ on a screen protector and it is missing from the packaging. Inside the plastic enclosure, you have a cardboard box, which opens at the same time, to reveal the inside of the content. So, it is a cardboard box, within a plastic box, a bit like Windows Vista retail box (but it opens like a book, and not slide out like Vista retail box, which some people found difficult to open). So the screen protector is really well protected. Great work here.
    However, once I removed the sticky tapes and opened it, the screen protector fell out. It seems that you need to open it like a book on reverse to avoid that. Luckily, in my case, as I opened it over the table, so the drop was not high at all, and better yet, I was able to caught it before it even touches anything. If you get the screen protector, be sure to open the box while it is flat on the table surface. After looking box design, I have noticed that the problem can be corrected by flipping the plastic enclosure on reverse, but keep the cardboard one the same. Even the finger hole, which the plastic box has, is in front, and makes perfect sense. However, the tap for retail hocks is at the bottom. I wonder if the plastic tab for retail hangers were incorrectly put on the package and the manufacture flipped the plastic box on reverse to solve the problem.
    Original design:

    My proposition:

    Besides that, the screen protector was in perfect condition, and this is what matters most. The screen protector comes with a protective sheet on BOTH sides AND put into a plastic envelop. There is no way that your screen protector will get a scratch inside the packaging. Therefore, if you are worried about that, it will not be. I know this issue was a problem with a screen protector I have once ordered. 2 came in the cardboard envelop, and one of them was damaged, by the cardboard envelop itself, as the sheets were not properly protected, making that only 1 of the 2 could be used.
    What’s in the box?
    The box comes with an Installation Guide, both in French and English. Where one side has the actual instructions, and the other has a ‘congratulations’ letter (I would have preferred a Thank you letter, but ok). The message says that the screen protector has been effortlessly worked on to ensure that you will love it as they do. It also includes a warning stating that you should be careful with it while handling it, as it can break as it is glass, and is as strong as your device screen. Signed, the founder of Phantom Glass, Richard Waters. Once again, the French language one needs some work.  Besides that, it includes a pre-moisture cleaning wipe, and a micro fiber wipe.  The micro fiber wipe is actually pretty good. Unlike other products I have used, it is truly lint free, and does a good job at cleaning. Sadly, I find it unacceptable that for 40$, you have a wipe that is half a toilet paper. Other screen protectors are excused, as they are around 8-9$. But for 40$, I expected a large high quality true lint free microfiber cloth, like the one that comes with Liquid Armor, as reviewed by Linus. This will not only allow me to clean the screen before applying the screen protector properly, but also to keep and use that to clean the screen protector glass, at least on the tablet models. This is also a perfect product placement for the company. They can have their logo on it, if they wanted. Currently, when cleaning, I already had my finger touch the screen dirtying it again.

    Another item included is the warranty card. Interesting enough, the warranty card includes more information about the product then the company web site. This is where they mention it is 0.2mm thick, and no air bubble removal, a point I did not mention previously, as nothing is said about that on their website or packaging. Did the manufacture retract that information?
    Regardless of the fact, the warranty card explains that the product comes with a true lifetime warranty.
    However, there is a catch. You need to register the product within 30 days of purchase. If you do not. No warranty for you. In addition, unlike other manufactures of screen protector, such as Tech Armor, which also provide lifetime warranty replacement, here you need to pay a whopping $11.00 shipping and handling charges. Tech Armor provide replacement free, and they are in the U.S, on the polar opposite from where I am practically, where shipping would be normally costly.  Is Phantom Glass trying to make money on replacements? Well to find out, I went to Canada Post web site and see how much it would cost to ship the product from them to me. I used 2 methods: box, and large letter. I have measured and weighted the product with the enveloped it came in, and looked at the cheapest option, which is the option that will most likely be used for your replacement. For boxes, Canada Post charges $9.81, for large letter, which is what seems to be used when I received mine, is $5.31. That is one expensive processing fee.

    A potential problem you have with screen protectors that need a liquid in order to be applied when you put the screen protector, is that if you have front facing speakers, you may get the solution go through your speaker whole as you apply it or when you put the screen protector as it will spreads the liquid. In addition, you have to wait for it to dry in order to be ready to use. The method that Phantom Glass uses is what is called a dry application. It means that you have no liquid to apply. You simply remove a plastic layer sheet, which protects the sticky side, positioned it on the device, and apply. You are done. No ‘settle’ time. Moreover, it is reusable. So if you miss align the screen protector, you can lift it up, and try again. Just be sure to not touch the sticky side.
    A common problem with screen protectors is that you have bubbles that forms. Bubbles can be air, or due to dust. Some screen protectors like the Tech Armor series, comes with sticker design to help you lift the applied screen protector, and use another one (four are provided) and remove the dust particle. If you are in a duty place, this may be problematic, making the process of bubble removal time consuming. Phantom Glass says that there is no bubble removal process with their screen protector.
    The installation process was indeed simple. I removed the old screen protector which I had, used the provided pre-moisture cleaning wipe, gives it a good clean on my device, removing any trace of fingerprints, dust. Then, using the microfiber cloth dry and polish the screen to remove any traces of the solution in the cleaning wipe used, and then made sure I had no dust on the screen, and apply the screen protector.
    Did the process took less than 30sec? No. But… that is me removing the old screen protector, cleaning the display really well, and then apply it. However, if the device was out of the box new, then definitely yes. I can see this.
    How about the bubbles? Sadly, the product fails on that regard. It does have bubbles. And I am not talking about micro bubbles that the instruction does indeed mentions and says that it will disappear after a couple of hours by itself (and it did). I mean actual bubbles, as you see with the bellow picture:

    However, compared to other screen protectors that I have tried, the process was easy. A small push rectified the problem for all of them except for one. The top right corner. I even closed by Surface Pro 2 device, facing down, so that the cover keyboard (Type Cover 2) is facing the table, and the device is on top, allowing the pressure of the tablet press on the corner, and left it all night, hoping that by tomorrow it will be gone, but nope. I left it as is, opened, thinking that maybe the pressure from the device was holding the air bubble, but nope. I tried using my finger to push it out again, like I did with the others… nope.

    A manufacture error? Possibly. As Linus review did not seem to have this problem, it could very well be the case. You can see Linus review on it here, if you have not: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQBobElsf10
    If we ignore the mentioned issue, the screen protector is fantastic, as you can see.

    It looks and feels like it is part of the device. One thing you can notice is that there is no camera hole, ambient light sensor hole and capacitive Windows button. Oh noes! You expressively say! No mater. Because the screen protector is glass, it does not interfere with any of them. My front facing camera looks the same as without the screen protector, and the Windows button works as expected. We can see the beauty of using glass as a screen protector.
    However, what I found interesting is that the package picture shows a different story. It shows a camera whole, and windows button grove. Regardless, I think it is better without the groves. I never liked camera wholes in screen protectors. Why? Because if they are cut to perfection, then aligning the screen protector is very tricky and difficult. And, if they use a large hole, then it looks stupid, and doesn’t protect that area of the device. This is the key thing that makes this screen protector look like it is part of the device. This is freaking amazing. Now to be fair, the camera on the Surface Pro 2 is a 720p ‘meh’ grade camera if you will. It does the job for web chat. So perhaps on a much higher-grade camera it might be an issue, but I would personally highly doubt so. It is glass, it is the same glass surface as the device, it is perfectly clear. Well, the most clear you can get.
    However, a small problem. It would seem that there is a measurement problem with my screen protector. As you can see, it is not edge-to-edge to the device. Width wise it is smaller, I had to center the screen protector when applying it to look less stupid, and as you can see at the bottom, it doesn’t reach properly all the way down with a large gap, it’s way too short in height. Clearly, this was miss measured and untested. A disappointment especially that, as Phantom Glass letter states, “We have worked effortlessly to ensure that you will love the Phantom Glass”.  I looks like something slip through a crack. I truly hope that this can be corrected, as it would be otherwise an impressive product.
    Bottom gap (about 4mm):

    Left: (about 1.5mm)

    Right: (about 1mm)

    The screen image quality. It looks exactly like if I had no screen protector on. The screen is as vivid, clear, and sharp as I without it. Even at steep angle, we can see on the picture of my Surface Pro 2 with the Tech Armor HD Clear, how you can see that it creates a blue tint. Under dark environment, if you want to see a movie, on dark scenes in the movie, it is visible, and not very enjoyable. However, the Phantom Glass has none of that. You have to look at an extreme angle to see a tint of blue, which the natural color of the glass. There is nothing that can be done on that front. Beside, you won’t be using the device at such extreme angle in any case, as you can’t barely see the screen in any case, as you are reaching at or past the 178 degree view angle of the IPS panel (not actually measured, but looks like). So another point for the Phantom Glass, at least in my book.
    Another note, is that unlike normal screen protectors, here I can see a white’ish line around the screen protector. Definitely not helped by the fact that the screen protector is incorrectly measured, at least for model I have. I don’t know if its because of the way the glass is cut, or if there is anything that can be done to correct or reduce it. I guess that is the downside of using glass.
    Touch and Pen experience
    A common problem with screen protectors is that they interfere in some way with the touch experience, and worse so, for the pen. Some actually prevents the pen from working correctly or affect the pen experience, based on reports from users that I have read on forums.
    While I no scientific testing methods, this is what I have noticed. The touch experience has not changed from the original device without a screen protector. Your fingers slides exactly like the display of the Surface Pro 2, or extremely close where I definitely not noticed anything. Even light touching the screen seams to register perfectly. It is a very nice feeling to be able to slide your finger as if you are using the device without a touch screen. Something that I have noticed, and received, as common complaint is how the plastic screen protectors affects the touch screen experience. Either it doesn’t’ register the finger properly, or does not slide smoothly on the screen. Here it is definitely not the case. 10-finger test also tracks equally well as expected.
    Now for the pen. Due to the thickness of the screen protector, it creates an offset with the pen with the device. You will need to calibrate the pen. Once that is done, the pen works very well. It register everywhere perfectly the pen, it doesn’t randomly click, the pen slides exactly as you would expect, like you are on the Surface Pro glass directly, tracking is the same, pressure sensitivity doesn’t seem to be affected. Using the TechArmor HD Clear and Anti-glare screen protector, they both affect the pen ‘gliding on the screen’ experience, especially if the screen gets dirty with finger print marks, which occurs very easily, as it doesn’t’ have any coating, like the Phantom Glass has, to reduce finger print marks.
    Scratch Resistance
    Well, I wanted to do a scratch resistance test on it, using realistic possible situation that may occur. I wanted to test, the sharp metal power connector of the Surface Pro 1 and 2, to simulate the possibility of unplugging the device and have the wire be on the Surface glass, touching and potentially scratch the display. And a USB plug corner, in the case a wire slides or USB flash drive, or a USB flash drive fall on the USB connector corner. I wanted to test the drop of screws if you are in in the ‘field’ and you happen to drop some things on the device. Using the pen on a dirty glass surface, using the pen on a screen filled with chip oil and salt. Keys, scissors and Display Port latch sliding on the screen. Sadly, the 11$ shipping and handling fee is a no no. Not to mention that I have University starting soon, I don’t have time to wait for a replacement. I’ll gladly do the tests, if I have one on my side just in case.
    Well… despite what was planned, I have used my Surface Pro 2 for 3 days with the Phantom Glass and pen, and so far I see no scratches. However, that is until I do the ultimate test… halogen lamp. This will show any defect on any surface.
    I turned on my desk halogen lamp, and I have noticed 3 micro scratches.
    However, that is unfair, as Gorilla Glass own web site claims that their screen prevents visible scratches. And it is true to the fact. In my case, I had to have a halogen lamp right on top of the device (known to reveal the minute fault of any surface), and even then, my camera had serious trouble seeing the scratch, AND in addition to all of that, the my device had to be turned off. If not it would not be visible.
    So in other words, it’s not an issue.
    Using the same condition, I was able to reveal micro scratches everywhere on my business class anti-glare screen old laptop, which is not a touch screen, and I have rarely touched the display and cleaned it using, always, a smooth, clean, micro fiber cloth and only once a month, about, Mostly to remove dust. As you can see, the halogen lamp reveals all.

    So how does it compare with my previous screen protector? The Tech Armor HD Clear? Well this is a week old, not 2 days. Without trouble, my camera was able to display all the scratches.

    Must also note that the Tech Armor one is scratch everywhere of the same fashion. While the Phantom Glass, I pointed the camera at the area where you have these scratches. And, most of the scratched on the Tech Armor screen protector are well visible when the screen is on.
    As you can see, it is massively scratched, and as you can see markings from trapped dust, which you don’t with the Phantom Glass, and you see marks form the keyboard. The keyboard keys managed to scratch the screen protector.
    Another point, Phantom Glass and Gorilla Glass both claims scratch resistance, not scratch proof. Therefore, it does deliver perfectly on that front. We will see how it stacks up in the coming days, but so far, it is promising, and massively superior to, at least, Tech Armor solution.
    When I discovered Phantom Glass, I was very much interested, and when I saw Linus review, I was hyped out, that I immediately seek it. I was searching up and down for the Surface Pro 2 model, and I had trouble. I was able to find iPad and other popular device models, but not for my device. I have contacted Phantom Glass, within MINUTES, I have an e-mail back from Phantom Glass, and that was even after business hours. It was from Richard Waters, the founder of the company. Clearly, the company is extremely passionate in what it is doing, and I feel the motivation and passion of the company through the e-mail, wanting to be a big player in the screen protector business. I honestly admire that a lot. Probably because I was the first one, I was offered one free. In addition, this the one I am doing the review. As a thank you, I will write up a mini-review about it. Especially that at this forum, and others, when I mentioned about this screen protector, seamed deeply interested. Besides, I am a bit bias for the fact that this is a Canadian company, new to the field for that matter, as I would like to support them.
    The screen protector does deliver on its promises, or at least very close to it. There was bubbles, but they were few and easy to remove, it was easy to install. If it is a new device, I clearly see being able to install it under 30sec after reading the instructions. The screen protector does deliver on its clarity claim. It is truly clear. It is so clear, that unlike other manufactures that needs to cut holes for the device camera, here they do not. There is no clearer than that. In addition, the screen protector has no tint. I have never seen transparent plastic being truly transparent. There is always a tint (usually blue). In this case, Phantom Glass has none of it unless you look at it at ridiculous angles, where you can’t even use the device under such condition in any case. To add, the screen protector is thin at only 0.2mm, contrary to the competition being 0.7mm. And, it has a oleophobic oil coating on it, making it easy to clean, and allows your finger to slide easily across the screen. While I can’t test the claim of filling scratches, I believe Linus did a pretty good job explaining that, and based on his view, it works.
    I just don’t see any point that they don’t deliver.
    What I am disappointed about, is that I do have a bubble on my screen that I cannot remove, and I hope it is a manufacture error, and most importantly, the size of the screen protector is just wrong. Too short, and not wide enough. I am open to test a corrected version(s) of the screen protector, if the Phantom Glass is open. If it does get corrected, or fall in contact about the issue, I'll update this review.
    One point I did not mention was the case compatible point. I don’t have one, I cannot comment, nor try. I do not have all the screen protectors to know. However, the majority of cases, should fit fine, especially the ones made in rubber material.
    The company says that their product is: The last screen protector you’ll never need ™. However, is that really true? Well, only time will say for the durability of the product. I usually keep my systems for 5 years, will it last 5 years? Again only time will tell.
    However, what I seek the most, is a screen protector that is properly anti-glare. What I mean, is that currently anti-glare screen protectors are nothing more than a textured peace of plastic. It makes the display lose sharpness, it adds a crystallize effect on the display, even under low brightness settings, colors are affected, turning them more washed out. Not to mention, it affects the pen. The Surface Pro line is a productivity system. It is design for doing serious work on the go. That is why it is powered by a mighty Core i5, and now i7 option with the Surface Pro 3 model. It is not your Facebook/Angry Bird/movie watching portable machine. It is more than that. This kind of screen protector are awful for such device. I would even argue that it is awful, no matter the device purpose.
    I would like to see Phantom Glass one day break their promises of ‘last screen protector you’ll ever need™’ by releasing one that does everything it does now, but non-glossy, or reduce significantly glare and reflection.  Some ideas: Apply a treatment like what anti-glare CRT monitor used to have. The problem is making that scratch resistant. Or looking for applying a proper anti-glare coating like on decent monitors, but again, needs to be scratch resistant, and easy to clean, and not affect the pen.
    What do you think?
    On another topic. The $11.00 cost for replacement makes me feel, as a consumer that they don’t want replacement to be performed, meaning that they aren’t confident on their claims on durability. If the screen protector gets deeply scratch or cracks, then it is most likely someone that drop his or her device on the floor, and probably that broke too. You would expect the company to be nice and offer a free replacement.  Sure, it could be abused, but would it hurt saying that the first 3 are free? In addition, maybe avoid the big fancy package but still ship it in a robust package, it would reduce cost, and avoid people from reselling it, if that is what they are afraid about. Or if they do, it will be a for a few dollars, which won’t be worth the trouble.
    I just don’t get it, personally. What do you guys think?
    Sum up
    Truly clear. No camera hole, making the product much better looking, and is actually not needed, as it truly clear. Looks like it is part of the device, beside the increase height. Easy and quick to install. Low, too no bubbles. Easy to remove bubbles, if any. Oleophobic coating No water base adhesion Reusable Scratch resistance – Gorilla Glass Fill old scratches on the display, reducing them in visibility Includes all you need to clean and install the screen protector. Solid package. If it holds up, this can be the best screen protector available. Downsides:Expensive. Microfiber cleaning cloth is tiny, making it feel like a 8$ screen protector. I expected a full size cloth, at least for the tablet version of the screen protector. A high-quality true lint free microfiber cloth that I can continue to use after the installation of the product, to keep my Phantom Glass clean, especially at this price point. $11.00 for replacement. Other screen protector companies have it for free, even if out of the country. Incorrect size, at least on the Surface Pro 2 model. Glass edge visible. Could be hidden with case, or if the screen protector size is exact of the size of the device. French needs some work, although that is not related to the product itself. UPDATE I would like to post an update. I was very busy with school, so this comes in late.
    An accident occurred with Surface Pro 2 device, and the screen protector broke. Oh noes glass! Well not to worry. The screen protector has this super thin film (it looks like) that holds the peaces together. So it was easy to remove, and there was no parts that feel out or remains on the screen. That was truly amazing!
    When I received the screen protector, which Phantom Glass was rapid at shipping, once the order was placed (time will obviously vary based on where you live). I have noticed that the box no longer contain any card that says that replacement cost something, and no sign of entering your credit card at the warranty claim form. So that is right, Phantom Glass is official free shipping of replacement. This is fantastic news. However, I was told by Richard Waters, founder of Phantom Glass that the initial policy was for avoiding abuses, and they didn't actually charge for replacement. But any case, it is official now. Which is fantastic.
    Remember in my review, I talked about the faulty corner that I had, where there was always a bubble? Well with the replacement one, it is not there confirming that it was just bad luck. The replacement one is perfect edge to edge, and was easy and quick to install, like the first time.
    For Surface Pro 1 and 2 owners, as mentioned on the review, the screen protector is a bit too short for the Surface Pro line product. That is because there is no office Pro 1 and 2 screen protector, due that the company started to release its product after the Pro 3 was released. The model they have is for the Surface 2, and compatible with Surface 1. I was able to hide the screen protector fact that is a hint too short, just by lowering it by about 1-2mm from the top. It makes it aligned center, and you don't really see, unless you look specifically at it.
    It's been a while I have been using the Phantom Glass. For a short period when my screen protector shattered, I switch back to a standard screen protector (spare Tech Armor HD Clear), and man.. I have to be honest. What... a.. massive... downgrade. Honestly. I hated it so much, I felt like buying a screen protector to have it NOW. I could not stand it. I felt like removing it immediately. I hated the tint issue it made, I hated the pen gliding experience, and I hated the touch experience.
    I have to say this again, Phantom Glass is expensive, but man it IS WORTH IT.
    A point I forgot to mention in my review, and I feel ashamed for not to. It is how nice and quick to reply the company is to questions, comments, replacements and anything in between. Their service is above and beyond, and I think, it is explanatory. I would rank them on par with my experience with Logitech. Possibly, I would even argue, higher.
    With my experience with the Phantom Glass product, I see it how smartly engineered it is, and the service you get justify, in my opinion the product. When I tried other screen protectors, I felt like ripped off, and that the package was worth more than the product. In this case, I must disagree. The service and product justify it clearly, like their screen protector.
    In my book, Phantom Glass gets GoodByte's Kick-ass seal of approval (not that it actually means much, but hey! I think you'll agree.)
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    monster_mm got a reaction from Monty007 in "Personal Cloud"   
    I have a few devices.
    - Mobile
    - Laptop
    - Desktop
    - NAS
    I have installed BitTorrent Sync on all of them and have my documents, pictures, and a few other files syncing between them. Works really well.
    I've set them to sync just over lan. But if needed you can sync over the internet. It will however only be limited by you connections upload speed.
    When I get home, my mobile sends my photos and videos to the NAS. So I never have to fear losing them or having them stored on a server somewhere.
    If I edit a document on my laptop. I can pull it up on my desktop flawlessly. And if I ever lost anything the NAS is set to archive the important stuff even if it's deleted.
    I'm really impressed with it.