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  1. Was wondering for so long why my screen wouldn't go to sleep. Was my Razer Orbweaver which comes up as a controller. I disabled the driver and apparently this only affects the thumbpad if used as a thumbpad. Binding to key bindings does not affect it.
  2. I had my FAH running for a couple days and had 12 WU sitting in Send state constantly failing. I tried allowing firewall rules to no avail and ended up playing with the FAH folders/ reinstalling. I think I lost 2 days worth of work as a result. I did backup my Appdata folder prior to messing with it so if anyone knows how I can restore 12 WU from that, that would be amazing. But, as you can see below even after a re-install my jobs still sit in 'Send' status and fail to connect to servers. For example, I can browse to the that seems to show the server responding e
  3. Does anywhere have statistics of how much compute power there is at any one time? How does FAH compare to other supercomputers? It would be awesome if we go down in the history books for breaking most powerful distributed computing records for this. (Excluding crypto)
  4. Mine is sitting idle at the moment too as I'm not getting any CPU work right. GPU get's some but I have no info. I think Stanford servers just getting smashed by all the new interest. I noticed some issues just trying to look at stats URL before and was getting "bad gatway" errors as it appeared to load from the databse.
  5. All I did was enter my name, team and the key. It will send you CV19 Projects as they come in, it does other work too.
  6. Just another reason to justify my recent upgrade to Ryzen 7 3800x recently 100% CPU going strong
  7. Nvidia launched the card last night at an event they threw in Melbourne. AUD $429 hitting the shelves July 19th. I got some photos of it first hand.
  8. Nvida just launched the Nvidia GTX 1060 for AUD $429 at an event in Melbourne. Was one of the few lucky enough to get up and close.
  9. Rig name: monster Cpu: i7 4790K @ 4.7Ghz Gpu: R9 290 x2 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Score: 9.1
  10. FYI, if you don't plan to extend it you can cancel it now and it will still work till your expiry date. Mine is the 24th March. I can't remember if I gave payment info or not and don't want to be charged just in case. Click Account > Cancel Subscription > Choose your reason why > Here it will tell you your expiry date > Select cancel to not renew subscription after expiry. For me, the subscription just isn't worth getting the videos a week early.
  11. Thanks Kirky2k15, This may help in the interim, I'll look into it a bit more. But we were hoping for something that was a little more attachment specific.