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    Music ( Classical, Jazz, and \m/ Metal \m/ ), Tech, Reading, Writing, Architecture, etc.
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  1. Soo.... Username: ZeetoVW https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9 I honestly like this whole Vessel concept, it works and looks a LOT better than Youtube.
  2. I'm a bit late replying, but yeah, I could join. My username on MC is Felidore, and I believe my Skype name is zeetov . I'll update this post later if I'm wrong.
  3. I'll play with you, I'm pretty bad so you should look decent in comparison My Steam username is zeetovw , and I'm in CST (USA).
  4. I should be on later tonight- username is Felidore .
  5. Is anyone gonna talk about that strange sound at in the video? No? Here, let me put it in a better phrase- http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=XmxAcVvAO40&p=n#/216;217
  6. I don't mind any particular site, as long as shipping is cheap to the U.S. No OS, I'm good there. I'm basically just upgrading a decent chunk of my computer. The only things I can really tell spec-wise about what I am upgrading (other than what I have already stated) are what the processor is (Intel Duo) and that I have 4 gigs of unbranded RAM at the moment. My GPU is a cheapo unbranded 9800gtx I salvaged from a friend, and I can't for the life of me remember the number on the motherboard, but it is a Gigabyte. From here, I just want to hear some suggestions on the parts I mentioned, kee
  7. For the USB, yeah, at least 8. My current board has 8 and I almost always have 6 to 7 things plugged in. It gets complicated when I want to record music and have to plug in even more stuff. The case is on there now, and I couldn't post the power supply because I wasn't at home when I wrote that. I was on a laptop. Now that I'm home, it's a Basiq Power 550 Plus by Antec. And I don't know about the ram, which is why I didn't list it. It depends on which motherboard you recommend. I'm not really asking for anything specific, as I doubt I will follow any one person's recommendations.
  8. Sorry, totally meant to put that in there and I forgot. Will edit in a sec.
  9. For quite awhile, I've been running on a relatively old PC. For the majority of it, I salvaged things from other broken down computers. Slowly, I upgraded parts, modernized others, and am in the home stretch of completing my somewhat budgeted project. So, what can you guys recommend? At the moment, I need: -A processor (preferably with a non-stock cooler) -A motherboard (Something with a large amount of USB 2.0 ports [8 or more] and support for USB 3.0 is pretty much required in my eyes- I have been looking at the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 -A graphics card -Another stick of 4gb memory -
  10. At the moment, I am looking in to using the same stuff you have, but adding software that will allow two mic inputs and running the Orbweaver as macro commands that will execute everything necessary. Will update later, probably in about 10 hours.
  11. From what I understand, you want to set up a soundboard on the Orbweaver to play sounds into in-game chat. This is a pretty impractical use, especially for the price... But I'll look into it and hopefully get back to you sometime today.
  12. You kinda threw out information in an interesting sense, with the stuff in your first paragraph contradicting what peripherals you mentioned... ...But that's besides the point. Starting with the mouse- If you play mostly MOBA's, the Ouroboros is not a very good choice. If you are right handed, the Ouroboros is not a very good choice. It is a good mouse, but it's too much of a "jack-of-all-trades" (something that does lots of things not very well) to be worth it. I can, however, recommend a few other mice. The Logitech G602 is one of the best wireless mice I've encountered. It has
  13. The Tartarus is the cheaper companion to the Orbweaver, but I REALLY recommend the Orbweaver over the Tartarus. It has an extra row of keys, which doesn't sound like much, but that extra row is the equivalent of the numbers on your keyboard, which you need in almost all games. Plus, it's mechanical, which is infinitely better. I can't use the Tartarus after using the Orbweaver, it just feels bad.
  14. Their reactions were way over the top. Don't worry about it.