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  1. I get the problem and I'm trying to solve it the same way I solved mine. In your bios is there an option for PCIE speeds ? (ie "slot 2 gen 3 x8" or something ? ) using gpuz you can find out if it's 4x 2x or 8x
  2. I really REALLY hated my H55 get a bequiet dark rock or noctua if you want quiet, the H55 isn't quiet in the least
  3. I had to re-slot both my gpu's because the first time around one was sticking out a tiny bit
  4. Try furmark http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/ And see if the usage % is also variable. Check both cards individually in the top slot (!) to make sure they both are working
  5. I would highly recommend going through this https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/How-to-Configure-AMD-CrossFire-Using-AMD-Radeon-Settings.aspx and checking the customize crossfire modes, and see what works for BF1 Are both gpu's confirmed working ? IE do both work when alone or have you only tested the top one ?
  6. Is FPS variable ? Are you getting ~1,6x the fps when playing ? If so then don't worry, afterburner was weird when I had 2 R9 290's also. Remember to make sure both cards are in a 16x slot, and that they have sufficient power (not sharing the same 8pin from the psu) Also check to make sure you don't have vsync or a power limit set for the gpu's, and make sure they aren't too hot
  7. Man I would love the blade, such a sharp design ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Would definitely take it everywhere
  8. I would always recommend using a different PC and putting the drivers on said stick because sometimes mobo's don't have drivers for all their SATA's The SSD also needs to be formatted before being able to install windows
  9. Honestly I would get a 1080 ( ti ) for ~700$ instead, and with the extra $ get something else
  10. You need drivers for the GPU Also what kind of adapter is it ?
  11. Yes you could run off on board gpu, and it's not a bad idea ( although I wouldn't upgrade to dual 970's ) I would downgrade the psu and cpu cooler though, they are just wastes of money
  12. the eevblog forums might be better if you want to help people that's where I lurk for electronics stuff