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  1. Thanks for the recommendations!
  2. I'm looking to get my girlfriend a gift and she could use a new monitor. She's an animator so color accuracy is important but she's also a gamer/streamer so refresh/response is also important. From my searching it seems that most monitors are geared towards one or the other. Is there something that performs decently at both or am I probably looking at two monitors?
  3. Could be that, but it could be QoS settings from your ISP deprioritizing game traffic which is what leads to the higher ping times.
  4. Give us some more info. What hardware do you have and describe your network setup. Can't help without info.
  5. So, 3700x will certainly save you money and be a very capable performer but BIOS stability is kind of a mess right now depending on which mobo you get so depending on how much you want to mess with your machine, the 9900k may be the better option.
  6. So I just installed my Ryzen 3700x last night and been reading up on the voltage issues this morning. Like others seeing idle voltages around 1.45-1.48V and load voltages dropping to 1.25V in Cinebench R20 (WTF AMD?). Uninstalled GeForce Experience and shut down iCue and sure enough idle voltages dropped to 1.15V. I'm still trying to sort through all this info but is there any way to get your voltages to drop at Idle other than disabling software? EDIT: I already updated to the latest BIOS available from Asus and installed the latest AMD Chipset drivers from AMD.com
  7. Also the distance from your router and how many objects between you and it will factor into the speed. For example (these are not real numbers, they're just for illustration), Let's say I'm 20 feet from my router. On AC, I'll get 800 Mbps but put 2 walls between me and the router at the same distance and my speed is now reduced to 400 Mbps due to signal attenuation.
  8. So I feel I must correct a misconception that I've seen circulating the internet regarding this. This is a vulnerability in the implementation of WPA2 by various manufacturers, not the WPA2 protocol itself. Practically, yes everything still needs to be patched but the implications of the two are vastly different. The first can be fixed by software updates whereas the latter cannot and requires a new protocol. I've spent most of this morning reading the paper and various vendor product advisories so to summarize the details of this attack: 1) Exploits a Key Reinstallation att
  9. Is this inside the case or outside? If you haven't already assemble the system outside the case and see if you can get it to post. If you can, you're likely shorting something when you installed it into the case.Possibly a pin on the back of the board making contact with the MB tray or if you're running cables behind the board pinching a cable.
  10. It's a bug that has been pretty inconsistent between versions. Try a different version and it will go away eventually.
  11. So this isn't a huge deal but I figured I'd ask and see if anyone else has encountered this. I have two monitors, one in a portrait orientation, and I have different wallpapers on each monitor. I've noticed that every time I update my GPU drivers, the wallpaper on my secondary screen resets to the one on my primary. Has anyone seen this before?
  12. I think I remember seeing the video from CES. Wish it had a 1440p option or 4k option but still pretty cool.
  13. You didn't say that in your earlier post. Sorry if I seem quick to pounce. I work in corporate IT as a network admin and had a pretty stressful week with stuff.
  14. Clearing the CMOS would only possibly help if the system wasn't passing post. It's not even attempting to power on.
  15. Already did. According to him, nothing. He was watching Netflix the other day, turned the machine off and left to go do something else, came back and the machine wouldn't power on. I already recommended he RMA it, which sucks because he'll probably have to wait till Tuesday to get a reply because Memorial Day. I figured I'd throw it out here and see if anyone can think of something I might have missed in the meantime.
  16. Most PSUs these days auto detect the input voltage so flipping a switch is no longer necessary on these models. It's an EVGA supernova btw.
  17. That was one of the first things I did. I've been building computers for over 8 years, I know how to short the power switch pins.
  18. Guys, I'm troubleshooting a friend's PC and it's not turning on. He's rather bummed because I just helped him build this about a month ago. I've checked the PSU with a PSU tester and got correct voltage out of it. Unplugged everything from the board but the ATX and CPU power and nothing. I think the motherboard died. It's a Gigabyte G1 Sniper B7. Any other suggestions?
  19. I haven't noticed inconsistency with my keyboards with browns but then again, I haven't really been looking for that so I can't say for certain. I'd also recommend taking a look at MX Clears if you think 45cN is too light.
  20. It depends on the manufacturer. XFX used to do a double lifetime warranty but they stopped that back in 2012 (I think). Most warranties have terms in them that says they only honor warranties from the original purchaser.
  21. Crion

    router std?

    No. A router can have a security vulnerability which can lead to it getting compromised. This does not equal malware infection.
  22. Yeah, that's basically what the Corsair rep told me on the phone when I called them to find out what was with the delay. That said, I don't buy it. I know a bunch of gamers that prefer Blues or Browns over Reds.
  23. Also a factor to keep in mind is the number of spatial streams (This is usually denoted 2x2 or 3x3) for both the AP and device and the radio you're on (5Ghz vs 2.4 Ghz). The max theoretical given for a particular AP is dependent on these as well as things like distance from the AP, signal attenuation (aka walls), and SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). I can't get very detailed because all of this stuff will vary by manufacturer.