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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    A had build a heap of computers for one of my friends anyway when he needed a new computer I told him what parts to buy and I usually go to his house and build it for him. I happened to be going on holiday the day I was going to build it for him so he said he could build it himself. So he built it and it worked and when I went to his house to see it I tell you it was the worst cable management I have ever seen. His hard drive and SSD wasn't in the drive cage but rather sitting on the bottom of the case and not screwed down or anything. He also asked me when it turned on it didn't boot into Windows. Turned out he didn't buy or install windows and just expected it would be automatically installed when he turned it on for the first time.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from J.b091 in Bad experiences with Razer   
    Had a friend who was a bit of a Razer fanboy, anyway he bought a Razer Kraken headset and the mic broke within 4 months not to mentions its flimsy plastic frame and poor audio. Razer keyboards are not much better, all the keys are the wrong lengths, so you always hit the wrong key. I would stay away from Razer they are overpriced and made of junk.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from mackncheesiest in Vessel acquired and shut down by Verizon   
    I actually grew to like Vessel after the free 1 year subscription I ended up paying for it. I don't understand, do Verizon have some service that is competing with Vessel? Pretty annoyed that a cool startup has to get bought out and shut down by a massive corporation. Not to mention all the content creators who will lose a significant amount of revenue because of the shutdown, it would be good if Linus made a video about it.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from WillWilson in Linus Tech Tips Affiliates, Referral Programs and Sponsors   
    If anyone can come up with some retailers that ship worldwide and not just to US or Canada.
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to ShadowCaptain in Apple prepping thinner MacBook Pros with OLED screen above keyboard, Touch ID for Q4   
    If apple made a 13" with 1060m and 15" with a 1070m......
    id be first in line
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to daniielrp in Mac or PC for college?   
    ^I'd do this, this is my current set up for a few reasons. 
    Powerful gaming capable desktop that can do almost everything.
    Macbook has all day battery life, something no windows laptop does unless they are extremely expensive (more than a MacBook). Newer MacBook Pros all use super fast solid state drives so are quick, have virtually no moving parts and the build allows them to stand up to a lot of bumps and knocks that most cheap plastic Windows laptops can't. Running Windows in a Parallels VM is also great as the speed of the Mac means you can run most things at near native speed for those times you need Windows. 
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Bensemus in Are Mac computers really that bad?   
    They are actually really decent computers, most professional programmers use Mac's because of their speed and reliability. Out of all the developers I know, none of them have ever had a Macbook Pro go bad on them, you can leave them on all the time and they just don't overheat. I am not a fan of Apple's desktops or accessories but the Macbook Pro is just awesome. Most people in the PC gaming community just hate on Mac's because everybody else does and they probably have never used one for an extensive period of time.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Legion in Donald Trump Wants To "Close up" The Internet   
    I'm definitely not a Trump supporter like I said he is misinformed, but he is not dumb.
    Well you make a good point, although people with high IQs are usually well informed, Trump doesn't seem like the type to evaluate both sides of a debate. Anyway the whole thing about building a wall seems more like a way to appeal to his supporters. For example saying that they will work with Mexico and increase funding for border security doesn't resonate so well with his supporters. But saying he is going to build a huge wall makes people think that there will be a physical barrier stopping illegal arrivals. It seems more like something to say to rouse the population, rather than a practical solution because we all know that the whole wall idea isn't going to work.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from ONOTech in Donald Trump Wants To "Close up" The Internet   
    Donald Trump isn't dumb he is just misinformed. People keep on saying that he is not smart, but you don't get accepted into a top college and make billions of dollars being a complete idiot.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Guest in Windows - Home Server 2011   
    Its not being used anymore, they replaced the old format with the introduction of Windows 8. Any versions of Windows since W8 would be using VXHD.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Guest in Windows - Home Server 2011   
    I'm pretty sure that is for both. Unlike newer versions of Windows that use the VXHD format, which allows them to use drives up to 16TB, due to its age, it still uses the VHD format, which can only support drives up to 2TB. So if you connect a 3TB drive to WHS 2011, it will split it into a 1TB and 2TB partition. You should still be able to use it but it doesn't look very clean having all these drives split up.
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to LinusTech in LTT, what do you do?   
    1. I make YouTube videos
    2. Work painfully hard. Do it for passion first, then if you're lucky and talented the profit will come.
    3. Working with an amazing team.
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to Dredgy in Thoughts on gun control?   
    Live in Australia. We make Texas look like New York. Gun control works here. You can buy rifles to hunt and if you're on a farm/play sport. 
    My general views:
    Guns as Self Defence
    Is bullcrap. What kind of life do you live where people are jumping through windows trying to kill you. People just want to steal your stuff. Your stuff is not worth killing or injuring someone else over.
    Criminals will Always Get Guns
    Disproven here and in many other countries with gun control. You make something illegal (and as hard to smuggle as a gun) prices skyrocket. Semi automatic weapons that can be bought in the US for less than $1k are up to $50k here. More than enough to stop your randoms with mental health issues from going on a killing spree. Won't stop the organized criminals, but those people aren't going around shooting innocent people en masse. 
    The second point is the reason I'm still alive today. If I could have afforded a hand gun 4 years ago, I would be dead (and I was on good money). Instead I tried suicide by overdose and I am alive to stay up late arguing on the internet with you. 
    Here is a video by a comedian I'm sure you've seen, which articulates my thoughts a little better and much more humorously.

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    MuffinTopMike reacted to SeriouslyMikey in Thoughts on gun control?   
    This topic just turns into a shitfest really quickly, usually.
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to ttam in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    Thought you guys might like the new toy. 
    McLaren MP4-12c

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    MuffinTopMike reacted to ShadowCaptain in After Bendgate of iPhone6 new iPhone 6s is full of gates..   
    A couple of software bugs on a brand new phone shipping to 13 million customers with a brand new OS
    Now.. lets list how many android phones / OS updates launch with updates >< .. or lets not, because these things will be fixed, and wont be effecting every phone
    Honestly anything negative about Apple gets blown completely out of proportion these days "oh no my notifications have gone silent, lets throw my phone in the bin and slander the whole company"
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to SirNumbers in After Bendgate of iPhone6 new iPhone 6s is full of gates..   
    When I talk to educated in Tech world people I defend the iPhone but I hate on it do much with non techies
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from TetraSky in My terrible experience with Dell.   
    Lenovo have been known to pre-install spyware on their computers in order to secretly gather information about users. That's not a company I would trust, Asus, MSI and Acer are all more trustworthy brands.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from burnttoastnice in Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time USERS For Infringement.   
    The movie company actually though people were going to pay for an Adam Sandler movie?
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Dabombinable in Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time USERS For Infringement.   
    The movie company actually though people were going to pay for an Adam Sandler movie?
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to Bakgrund in ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Adapter for your mobile devices   
    No more broken micro-usb connectors!maybe a bit late as we already got usb type c but whatever
    This new (already funded) Kickstarter project is about magnetic adapters for your Iphone (or Ipad) with a lighning-port or your phone (or tablet) with a micro-usb port. The picture below explains how it all works pretty well. But you will obviously find the best information about it right on their kickstarter-page.

    Starting at 9 dollars, Znaps will start shipping in december.
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    MuffinTopMike got a reaction from Technic77 in Edzel appreciation thread (read further)   
    Edzel was one of the original members of LMG, and without him it wouldn't be as successful as it is today, people ought to be more respectful. It takes practice to get good at presenting, Linus should give him some more opportunities, I think he could get really good at it.
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to 711jrp in Motorbikes   
    And the award for toy for this summer is.......


    Loving it so far
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    MuffinTopMike reacted to WoodenMarker in Free Ceramic Mug and Mousepad - DEAL OVER   
    Just found out that the deal ended after making a design for the mug