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  1. EDIT: First time listening to this album. Autodrive, Electric Travel, Airwolf... you know what? I love this entire album. Screw picking favorites.
  2. Eh, whatever. My favorites: @Albatross, @Pandalf, @Bajantechnician, @iamdarkyoshi, @spwath, @007Mix, and @LokiFire.
  3. http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-enable-quick-launch-in-windows-10/ Some notes: You do not necessarily need to use the quick launch folder; you can use any folder. I recommend leaving show title and show text checked (this is how I have it) If you don't want to see the folders name, you can, when renaming the folder, hold ALT and type 255 Don't forget to add shortcuts to the folder Downloading Linux ISOs