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  1. Indeed! That's what I was thinking as well but it's a good 200 euro difference. And not trying to waste too much money during the lockdown situation here in Belgium.
  2. Hello everyone! I managed to get my hands on the rtx 3070 OC edition from Zotac, Now I have a couple of questions regarding mobo/cpu upgrade. Currently, I have a ryzen 7 1700 with a mild overclock to 3.7 ghz not going above 70 Celsius on stock cooler under stress test so that's all fine, however, I noticed I really can't get the performance out of it where I was hoping for. Now I was thinking about getting a ryzen 5 3600 in combination with my B350 Gaming Pro Carbon from MSI. This would be the cheaper option obviously since that would cost me aroun
  3. I have the same issue on my rtx 3070 ;(
  4. Oh yeah sure totally get the point. However where I was going with this meant that a rtx 3070 in Belgium probably will be going for 600-650. Which I guess is still fair for a card that can beat a 2080 ti. It’s just the matter how long it will take for me to get my hands on one or maybe the AMD line up could surprise me.
  5. Mhhhh, indeed guess i'll wait what the amd line up will bring. But as mentioned the price isn't really the issue since i'm aware here in Belgium most of the 3000 series rtx cards right now are just being bought by giant tech retailers to put them in their prebuild pc's, and if you could manage to get your hands on one it will be 120-200 euros above MSRP anyway. For example a rtx 3080 at this time is going for 849 euros and that's the cheapest one.
  6. That's a good call actually! I'll wait to see what thew new amd line up will be. Another big factor why I may be considering the rtx series is for rtx voice. Since I do have a fairly loud household.
  7. Hello, I have a question, so right now I'm still trooping on my r9 290x been a great card despite its age. I'm still getting decent fps for the games I'm playing, however I think it's time to upgrade. So originally the plan was to wait till the release of the rtx 3070, however, I think by the time I will be able to get my hands on one of them it's going to take an extra few months. Which is no big deal but with new games being in a couple of weeks such as AC Valhalla, Cold War etc. I think my r9 290x isn't simply going to cut it anymore especially combined with a
  8. Yeah I suppose but it just doesn't seem right I mean the pixel thing shouldn't be there in the first place but that's probably just gta
  9. Hello everyone So you might have seen my previous post about the new amd drivers if I should install them or not. So I did install the new driver now I did notice some weird things: 1. GPU runs quiter normally I can hear it 2. Temps did change so Like 2 months before when I did play Gta V the temps were around 72-80 Celcius max now it's around 70-75 Celcius + it runs quiter 3. I did get some weird pixelated things like this: that was taken during the benchmark It did go away after a good 2 minutes while playing GTA I'm using a r9 290 so yes it's a hot card the
  10. Ohh yeah that's nice to see
  11. Mhh I see guess i'll give it a shot
  12. Hello So today I did see there is an Amd update available now I did check it out and apparently people were saying there was a bug that caused your gpu to be locked at 20% fan speed etc... So is all of this fixed already?
  13. That's indeed true would be cheaper as well so all by all this isn't really a win win scenario unless you build a pc from scratch as secondary pc or something
  14. Yes ofc was just a curios to see if it was actually worth not that I'm really in need to get a new cpu since my i5 4440 still runs everything good
  15. So yesterday I did look at the new video of Linus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epIlB49SNTI which did seem really special to me for these prices. Now I was thinking would it be worth to buy some of the parts and replace them with the ones I have currently? I'm using a i5 4440 MSI B85M-G43 and a R9 290 Now I was thinking of getting: A Xeon x5670 6 core which sells for 85 dollar with shipping to Belgium lets say a good 100 euro An ASUS P6T SE X58 As Motherboard which sells for 199 Euro but maybe by the time I would build this can find something cheaper Now should it be w