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  1. I don't get why the logo matters...it's a pretty small part of the keyboard..and if you really hate it you can scratch it off or tape over it O_o...
  2. Those could be about the keyboard...OR they could be about another computer product that most people buy once every 5 years if they take good care of their supplies...
  3. Quite frankly,if they had just made a mock-run of how their keyboards would be produced (100 or so) and had a concentrated group test for issues in the first place,there wouldn't be any major issues. But nooo~~...let's not do the smart thing... Let's try to get as much hype on this train and jump ship if it doesn't work.... I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt,but corsair needs to step up their game. Otherwise they'll all go for ducky 3's and razer chroma's...oh wait, lots of people already are >>... Two words corsair.... CONTROL GROUPS! It's an experimental standard,
  4. Umm...Well since you've apparently been tracking the thread as well I would assume you've read it all? In which case you'd just have to track the last page and the ones before it. The one's at the start and middle are just primarily concerns about the delay and speculation. "That" covers the news in the middle
  5. You do know there's a "skip to last page" button right?
  6. He said he was perfectly fine answering questions But it's not like we're really pressing for an answer...or at least I'm not O-o Sides,if I was really in that big a hurry,I would have pre-ordered when I saw them first available for the mx reds But I'm fine waiting another month for browns, which ironically, might take that much time.
  7. I agree with renz62, any official date for browns/blues? Or is it just some random day late september/early october? If there were pre-orders for them I wouldn't worry about it but...