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    msi Z97 G55
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    HyperX 1600Mhz 2x8GB
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    R9 290 Vapor-x
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    TT Chaser A31
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    512GB Crucial M.2 M550 ssd (on sata adapter)
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    Corsair RM750
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    AOC 1080p ips 60Hz panel
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    Hyper 212evo
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    Y-SU61 (new)
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    Logitech Z4(white)
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  1. how do i solve this weird shadow and X button missing issue? reboot does not help
  2. you know when gaming is not an option and the 4gb is the most that can be installed all of the memory would be best to leave for apps not graphics. that sucker cant handle an agario
  3. i didnt think about that such a dummy. thanks. is there a way to decrease it when upgraded to 64bit? originally i had 2gb ram when 32bit OS was installed
  4. hi guys. i have been searching for an answer and i failed miseraby. so here is my problem. i have a really weak intel celeron B840 on a laptop. the installed memory is 4gb but the integrated graphics chip takes 1.3GB of ram leaving me with 2.6gb of usable ram. it is frusturating because this sucker will not play any games what so ever. how do i decrease the shared memory to lets say 100-400mb witch is plenty for web browsing. i looked into the bios. its the most stupid bios i have ever seen it doesnt have options to change it. when i upgraded my ram from 2 to 4gb the shared vram also increased
  5. hey guys i have a weird problem. basically when i listen for the music on my friends pc it plays ok. when i transfer the file to my nexus 5 it gets messed up. i will show you i tried: converting it to avi mp4 waw mp2 flac i tried chopping it under 1s i tried reversing the audio file i tried compressing it re-recording it deleting tags changing name nothing helped when i open the file it gets messed up. when i record it with microphone it it plays ok. here is an example: of source file:(plays ok) http://v
  6. i dont have ram inserted but that beep isnt normal does it like music or sth?
  7. there are better ways than turning off settings in controll panel. and there is no need to freak out you just bear it in mind and act acordingly
  8. but he knows what hes doing who cares if he use the OS that come with the PC he clearly dont want to do that
  9. does he really use Wxp with that HW? are you sure he uses that HW?
  10. actually no i live in europe and i use some protection too in order to protect my privacy. i cant understand why so many ppl dont give a S*** about it. its the same as why not i have all your info as it wasnt going anywhere. google has it? well its your fault you should have at least created a separate account or used duckduckgo or something. anyways MS is just a company they have no right to track what i do on my Personal Computer and if they does it i would rater use linux with track free enviriment. is it fine for you that they know what porn do you watch? did you consent to that? oh right
  11. or buy (rebranded seasonic) corsair RM ,RMi, HX,AX series PSU