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  1. Then there is no point, I have seen NVME's being faster during loading screens and windows bootup, but the amount is more often around 1 second or less. I thought if the price is similar why go with SSD? however if I have to buy a heatsink and the NVME turns out to be 20% more then it's just useless to me. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitly keep it in mind
  2. I wonder then if I'm just better off with a regular SSD Currently the price for the 970 EVO NVME is sitting at 99€ For the samsung 860 EVO SSD it's 86€ both at 1TB All I do is game and watch videos
  3. It's not only GPU's Anything in the "home entertainment" or "streaming" lineup has skyrocketed in price since COVID started. I have a logitich full HD webcam that I paid around 60€ for about 4 years ago, same model now costs 100€ I have got a 7.2 channel audio/video reciever that I bought in 2018 for around 300€, same model is now 500€. Supply/Demand, it's not just Supply that plumets due to this pandemic, but the demand skyrocketed at the same time, causing price inflation to absurd levels. I'm not sure if this black friday means anything, to have
  4. Hello all, I'm in need for some extra SSD storage, and found a sweet deal on Samsungs EVO 970 series (regular, not pro or plus) This is the 1TB variant. So the questions is, do these NVME's need a heatsink or are they fine by themselves?
  5. You mean one is 4GB's and the other is 3,5GB's right? Might still be worth it though, 70$ is a good price for a used 970
  6. For 4K I'd go with the 3080 period. If you don't mind AMD i'd go with the 6800 XT if the price is right for 4K. Benchmarks are slightly poorer, I still believe 10GB's is not enough for 4K in 2 years from now, 1440p should be fine. DLSS implementations might throw this out, but there will always be games that won't have it
  7. If you see it at a decent price, place your order there and then. I did see RTX3080's at MSRP during launch, why wait till prices go up? Now it's pretty bad, and it will stay like this for a little while.
  8. About every CPU will be bottlenecked at 1080p with the 3080. For 1080p you are better off with something like the 3070 or the 6800. It might be worth it if you plan to upgrade to 1440p like you said, but the "when" is important here, what's the point if you are waiting a long time to upgrade?
  9. Wow, it seems like we got exactly the same build. I also got a 6700K OC'd at 4.5Ghz and a EVGA 980TI, bought them near launch, and I recently switched to a 3440x1440 setup as well I currently have the 9600K as my motherboard broke down a year or so ago and decided to replace the CPU as well. The 980TI doesn't handle 2,5K well, I understand your pain, I feel like the card is dying since I swapped monitors. As far as recomendations go, I'm in your situation and I wouldn't wait for more upcoming releases. Sure there might be a "fancy" 3080TI coming "at some
  10. I'd expect these cards to perform similar for 2,5K I'd say go with whatever is the cheapest since these cards are more similar than different.
  11. Basically Nvidia advirtising ray tracing as game changing "magic" but it's current implementation is limited and a gimick. First of all, all things aside it's not worth the drop in performance, smoothness with high framerates is often much more impactfull that something being prettier. The astonishing FPS drop with RTX on isn't worth it. Worse still in some titles ray tracing does little to nothing. It has gotten better though, with DLSS ray tracing could definitly become mainstream. We have titles like Control where it works well. However too
  12. The main question is, what is the price? MRSP aside local prices can differ quite a bit, for me the 6800 XT is nearly 200€ more than the current price of the 3080 and nearly 300€ more than what my pre-order was. If the difference is say 50€ then deciding becomes a bit more difficult, if it's more than I would just go with the cheapest. If ray tracing matters to you I'd say go with the 3080, otherwise at the same price I'd go with the 6800 XT for the VRAM I disagree with this, although benchmarks show the 3080 to be better at 4K, the limiting 10GB VRA
  13. The 2080ti's mrsp is 1000$ It never hit msrp even now. People call it a 1200$ card for a reason. It's entirely possible we could see a similar trend here with both brands, ad demand now is much higher than it was with the 2080ti
  14. So when the RTX 3080 hit the shelves (if we are to believe Nvidia) prices went up quickly. In Europe they quickly went from around MRSP to around the 800€ mark. At the same official retailers I can pre-order the 6800 XT for 999€ I'm wondering if this lunacy is only going on here or if it's everywhere
  15. Definitly has a bottleneck, especially at lower resolutions. I think it will work though if he indeed upgrades his PSU. Something to consider though, is his PC case big enough to physically house these cards? For instance the ASUS TUF 3080 is about 300mm long, not every case will be able to deal with this. Make sure you double check this, otherwise I think you are fine