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  1. Prices are currently: 280€ for the 9700kf 290€ for the 9900kf 300€ for the 9700k 330€ for the 9900k
  2. Is there any benefit from getting the 9900k over the 9700k? Prices are similar, with the 9900k being slightly more expensive. The biggest downside is how hot the 9900k gets, even with my Noctua NH-D15 i fear that thing.. I play at 2k ultrawide, but occasionally I'll play games like age of empires with friends so I guess there I'd be heavily cpu limited. I can also buy the KF versions of both CPU's which are missing their GPU capabilities that I don't need. There isn't much difference in price, but what about thermals, does anyone know?
  3. Good point, I just checked, seems to be a CPU bottleneck, it does switch between the GPU and the CPU, but I'm definitly CPU bottlenecked here. I actually OC'd my old 6700K to 4.5Ghz on a NH-D15 It ended up killing the motherboard prematurely (an Asus Maximus ROG) I wasn't amused that I had to ditch my CPU for a 9600K after 3 years of use and I quit OCing after that. Any reason why you switched from the 9900K to the 10700K? I'm considering stepping up to the 9900K, I do feel like it's tuned quite highly and it runs hot, but so are it's boost
  4. Specs: I5-9600k RX 6900XT DDR4 16GB RAM 3000mhz EVGA G2 850W PSU I'm currently playing on a 2.5K resolution (2K ultrawide) I've set a FPS limit to 144 and noticed the following. In several games I'll get somewhere between 100-120FPS at max settings (which is more than fine by me on this resolution) However I've noticed that neither my GPU nor my CPU are reaching usage limits, both sit around 80% usage, and the GPU doesn't seem to go above 250W usage either. I'm probably going to upgrade my CPU regardless (probably a 9900K) Howev
  5. That's another reason I shy away from AIO's. Although top of the line ones will beat the very best air coolers, your GPU temperatures take a hit. NH-D15 for life lol. I'm not fond of letting things run that hot, Nvidia may say 110 is fine, however they don't care if your card break down in 2 years, as long as it's outside of warranty. Basically the cooler it runs the longer it generally lasts. Anyone remember the old 8800gtx series? I remember them running hot as hell, near 100C, I also remember their lifespan often didn't reach 3 years. Times
  6. I think Ray tracing is cool as a concept, and games like control make it work really well paired with DLSS. Although I do think it's additional value on the card I don't think it's worth paying a lot more for, not at this point. Most games with RTX will bring most cards to its knees, I'm not into losing 40 frames for fancy lighting.
  7. It's better to use individual cables over any kind of splitter or adapter. These cards suck quite some wattage, best to cover all angles. Those temperatures are quite high, bit worried about the airflow.
  8. I don't overclock my CPU, nor do I plan to, I did so with my previous CPU and ended up killing the motherboard prematurely. So basically other than boost clocks I quit OCing. My cooler is the noctua NH-D15.
  9. My current build is as follows: I5-9600K CPU RX 6900 XT GPU 16GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM Asus Z390 Strix Motherboard 850W EVGA G2 PSU I'm playing on 2.5K Ultrawide I'm pretty sure my CPU is still bottlenecking me a bit even on that resolution. Faster RAM might make a difference, but I doubt the investment is really worth it. SO I'm thinking at upgrading my CPU down the line, the easiest option would be to add a 9700k or a 9900k without having to replace my motherboard On the other hand there are a few generation out now So I'm won
  10. I actually had this issue when I bought my 980ti, I could hear electrical interference on my headphones(with a 3.5mm jack) I fixed this by buying a DAC. I might try the grommet thing out, can't lose much beyond a couple of bucks and 5m of my time
  11. I've heard that the new GPU lineups can have some coil whine but I didn't think it was this bad. On idle you don't hear a thing it's primarily a problem once the GPU draws more power. So just browsing websites and such and there isn't any noticable sound, but from 50W upwards the GPU starts screeching. I've limited the framerate to 144, which does help in certain cases. I'm using an EVGA G2 850W PSU which I believe should be more than enough for the 6900 XT (it draws less than a 3080) Is anyone experience similar problems? Could this be fixed with
  12. Solid advice DLSS and RTX do matter to me, but not in a sense where I'd pay 200-300€ more just for a setting that at the current rate can pop up now and then. The only game I'm planning to play where it matters is metro exodus. I called the retailer today and they pretty much straight up told me I'm not getting my 3080. Basically they aren't recieving any Asus Tuf 3080's non OC cards anymore and haven't for a while, day 1 orders haven't been filled yet, the only reason I'm moving up the queue is because cancellations. They have gone ahead and asked Asu
  13. The situation is as follows: I've ordered the 3080 Asus tuf at msrp in September 2020. If I'm lucky I'll get it at the end of the year, basically this model is just hard to get by as other 3080's are available but well beyond msrp. The scalped market is pretty much crashed for AMD. I'm now able to buy a 6900 XT at msrp, but this means it's a 1000€ card. I'm considering buying it and cancelling my order on my 3080. TDLR: Cancel my pending msrp 3080 to buy a msrp 6900xt? I play on 2.5k at the moment I do like ray tracing
  14. In Europe from craiglist like sites I see the 6800 XT as low as 900€ and the 6900 XT around 1150€ Meanwhile the 3070 goes for 900€ and the 3080 is around 1300€. AMD gpu's have much fairer prices, the 6900 XT sounds like the best value at the moment. That said 1150€ for a card is no joke.
  15. The 6900 XT is a much better card if you don't care about ray tracing or Dlss. So I'd take that trade any day provided you can trust it.