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  1. Everyone wants higher bitrate streams but that isn't the answer for better quality, HEVC(h.265/x.265) and VP9 are though. High bitrate streams are literally just brute forcing quality, sacrificing a massive amount efficiency to reduce macroblocking artifacts. Peoples CPUs will/are outpacing potato internet speeds making encoding/decoding these new high efficiency codecs more likely to happen before speeds get faster, especially on mobile.
  2. Fast Sync - Uncapped, no tearing, added latency Borderless Fullscreen - Uncapped, no tearing, added latency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_Window_Manager
  3. How is this different than Borderless Fullscreen?
  4. Vulkan patch is on it's way, not ready for launch
  5. I just want to point out this is Best Buy in the US, don't expect the Rift in Canada for quite some time
  6. Edge is really good for watching Twitch streams, it uses almost no CPU unlike Firefox or Chrome which use up to 30% on a 4970K for a 1080p player window Livestreamer is the only thing that uses less than Edge
  7. You can't turn V-Sync off because the game is running in Borderless Fullscreen, which means DWM(Aero) is applying Triple Buffered V-Sync. The game can report 500 FPS internally but DWM caps the game at your refresh rate. This is why Borderless games don't Screen Tear with "V-Sync Off" in the game
  8. I returned my MG279Q after 3 days because the bleed was terrible. People shit on my posts on Reddit when I say watch out for this monitor, it has terrible QC but it is the only IPS 1440p 144Hz FreeSync option right now. The Acer G-Sync version is just as bad, they use the same panel, I'm pretty sure it is the same panel as this ROG too, it's definitely the same brand
  9. It's a good thing you've been able to do this in Windows since....Windows 95/NT...probably earlier. I have never used CCC to change my resolution or extend my desktop because you had to click like 5 buttons to even get to the damn menu. Half the clicks are spent trying to remember what menu it is even under
  10. I just want more 1440p144 IPS/PLS options without defects. The MG279Q I had was unacceptable build quality, massive bleed in the bottom right corner causing blacks to be discolored yellow
  11. Stock UE4 doesn't have GameWorks, you have to download a specific version of UE4 off GitHub. https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-gameworks-and-ue4
  12. I have an S5 and this is all I use it for. Calls, Messages and Music
  13. Except it doesn't. Windows10 is DX12, any install you run is just cancelled by the installer
  14. Avoid the MG279Q, the backlight bleed issues you hear about are real. I may be returning mine shortly, a $700 monitor should not have defects like that. My 2 PB278Qs are flawless, no bleeding and they were cheaper
  15. My current setup right now is 2x PB278Q(1440p 60Hz) and 1x MG279Q (1440p 144Hz), it is a disgusting amount of real estate and you will need a very big desk
  16. When I see someone wants to run 2 monitors, it is always one gaming, one random stuff. But then there is always someone who says something dumb about surround or eyefinity. AMD doesn't even let you do eyefinity with 2 as of Crimson because it is terrible.
  17. I just got the MG279Q and I am on the fence whether I want to return it. I am suffering from nearly the exact same bleed you have, bottom right corner. Your overall panel has a bit worse bleed than mine I have 2 PB278Q as well but they are flawless, not a hint of bleed. With them on either side of the MG279Q you can really see how bad it is
  18. Consoles are more similar to DX12/Vulkan than DX9/DX11, that is why we have shitty ports. They make the game for console and have to port it to a strict API like DX9/DX11