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  1. I didnt mess with voltages but after a restart and switching between pbo and auto oc, temperatures are back to 82c.Voltage is the same. Im just going to assume its a software bug or something? It still still reaches 4.7 on all cores during cinebench too.
  2. Using Ryzen Master, 1.39v, not sure about ambient and the case is a Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 with stock fans configuration.
  3. I cant figure out if the temperature is normal or abnormal. Googling around I see people with 80c while some are getting 90c on there 5800x. Idle is around 35c. The cooler used is a Noctua NH D15s.
  4. Cherry mx blues. I mainly wanna just mess around with diy keyboards
  5. One of my mechanical keyboards has died and I want to reuse the keys. I'm honestly just looking for the cheapest board to slap these keys on. What do you guys recomend for under under $70 cad(Leds isnt required but would be nice if I can reuse the ones on my old board)?
  6. I figured it out, turns out Rufus was the problem
  7. The other settings do save though. When i switch secure boot from windows uefi mode to other os. its saves the change. The menu shows this
  8. I've done that but they revert back to Legacy OPROM first. All the options would revert back after saving and reseting
  9. Sorry I had to edit my comment with images. I hit enter by accident
  10. Im trying to boot up a Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS on this mini pc Ive had for a long time collecting dust. I get this error. I've used Rufus to create the booteable usb. Installed Ubuntu server to another usb (the sata cable in the system is broken) and when finished I unpluged the usb and rebootbutit would boot straight into bios instead of the usb drive with ubuntu installed on
  11. It doesnt move on idle or when I do anything. 99 or 100%
  12. Still at 100%. Doesnt change besides dropping to 99% So its fine if its 100% all the time? Shouldnt it be fluctuating if its how much the vrm can handle?
  13. I' noticed edc is 100%. What is it and should I be worried about that when I start overclocking. Specs Ryzen 2700 (hyper 212) Power Supply: OCZ zt 650w bronze(Old and going to replace before I start overclocking) Motherboard: Msi x470 Gaming Plus with latest bios Power setting: Ryzen Balanced
  14. My only source is mainly the Melee community who still play tournaments exclusively on CRT. I havent read up on enough to be very technical about it it but if you want here are some stuff from a guy who knows his stuff. (I know its CRT TV but should also apply) https://twitter.com/kadano/status/1113360594743320576 http://kadano.net/SSBM/inputlag/ https://smashboards.com/threads/perfect-setups-tv-monitor-console-capture-device.355292/page-7#post-21307864
  15. CRT do still have input lag. It definitly does not have 0ms inputlag. It has inconsistancies between varies models.
  16. Have you tried playing a game and checking?
  17. The game is cpu dependant and gpu does absolutly nothing to the game(unless with shader mods) and already kinda runs like crap. At most 200-300 fps. Wherever those numbers came from is a lie.Do you have the max framerate set? Do you have java updated? Also try optifine
  18. Where are you getting this research?
  19. Budget and your location? You would want a cpu upgrade first for sure