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    typographie reacted to emosun in Could you use integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU at the same time?   
    ther already is no performance loss running 2d monitors off your dedicated gpu. there wasn't 20 years ago and there still isn't. monitors that display 2d imagery like youtube or your desktop don;t require significant amounts of power.
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    typographie reacted to Downkey in Is it better a 4gb DDR4 gpu or a 2gb DDR5   
    GT 1030 DDR4 vs. GDDR5: A Disgrace of a Graphics Card - YouTube
    good video discussing this, the ddr5 is much faster overall
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    typographie reacted to Cheburek in Is it better a 4gb DDR4 gpu or a 2gb DDR5   
    The DDR4 version isn't just slower it's muuuuuch muuuuuch slower,i had a DDR4 GT 1030 and it was horrible.
    Save your money and get a better GPU.
    Also is there a 4GB GT 1030?I don't remember being one.
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    typographie reacted to freeagent in R5 5600x Temps Too High or Normal?   
    You shouldn’t have to undervolt it, they are pretty easy to cool. I’ve benched mine at 4900 with just a heatsink.
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    typographie got a reaction from Curesto in My GPU Fans Are Stopping Working While Gaming   
    The best thing to do would be to refer to a video teardown for your card. I think this is the same model as yours:
    This guy pulled out the fan headers from the wires and it was fine, but I would suggest trying to get a fingernail under the plastic if you can instead (or just leave them plugged in). Those wires can be snapped or yanked out with alarming ease.
    I wouldn't expect miracles from this if you're also dealing with some fan issues, but it's an old enough card that a re-paste isn't the worst idea.
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    typographie got a reaction from Nerdmart54 in I want to stream and game, I am going to get a ryzen 5 5600x but is 6 cores enough.   
    If you're using OBS, set the stream encoder to NVENC ("NVidia ENCoder" I guess) in the Output settings. x264 is the more CPU intensive alternative.
    For what it's worth, any time I've tried x264 with my Ryzen 5 5600X, it's been totally fine. I don't really expect you'd have any problems either way, but just know NVENC is there as an option.
    Only in the sense that merely USING a video card shortens its lifespan. You're not doing anything it wasn't designed to do.
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    typographie reacted to AlwaysFSX in My GPU Fans Are Stopping Working While Gaming   
    Dust will do that.
    I'm sorry what?
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    typographie got a reaction from GooseyCheeks in i5 4690k max safe voltage?   
    They're just giving you a literal, honest, and frankly accurate answer to the question you asked. If you want a more overclock-friendly answer, the first poster told you. 1.3 Volts, if you want to run it like that 24/7, is generally agreed to be safe. If 4.5 GHz at 1.3 V is stable, that's probably where I'd personally quit.
    Of course that's still potentially reducing the lifespan, but it's still likely to last for years if kept at safe temperatures.
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    typographie reacted to Poinkachu in Two Dual Channel Kit ?   
    Well. The new price for 2x16gb is 2,5 times the 2x8gb. That's one problem in my book. (and no one selling cheaper used one right now too)
    Not to mention if im going to use a ram with lighting on it ..... using 2 gonna look... idk... ugly? lol
    But yea , the price is more of the problem. Double the price of a new 2x8gb is fine (since the capacity is doubled anyway), 2,5times ? ..... that's... weird.
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    typographie got a reaction from Hans Power in @Freesync/G-Sync monitor owners. Do you limit your Framerate?   
    I'll occasionally cap my framerate to 144 FPS (my refresh rate) when I find a game where I exceed it. I'm not sure why, but going over 144 tends to introduce some stutter sometimes. It's a worse experience, and I'm just converting fossil fuels into heat at that point, so I may as well cap it.
    I don't think you need to worry about your graphics card's lifespan by running it at 100%, though. As long as its temperature and voltage are safe, letting it run at max capacity shouldn't make any real difference to its lifespan. As long as you're benefiting from it, let it run.
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    typographie reacted to MarvintheParrot in 3200 vs 3600? I think I messed up   
    I believe the smaller number CL will be faster...... I think, someone let me know if i am wrong.
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    typographie reacted to tishous in Is an Ryzen 5 5600x and RTX 2070 Super a bottleneck?   
    Depends on the game, and the settings. There's always going to be some type of bottleneck, so if you're playing a sight seeing game, then your GPU will likely bottleneck the CPU.
    I doubt the CPU will bottleneck the GPU unless you're playing CSGO/Valorant with low settings, but at that point you're going to be getting 400fps, so who cares.
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    typographie reacted to jonnyGURU in Replace my Corsair RM850x   
    It's the frequent and often transient spikes making the magnetics inside the PSU "jump".  There's only one PSU that I know is 100% not going to make that noise and that's the AX1600i but that is serious overkill and surely the noise doesn't bother you that much.... does it?  I mean, the noise should be in game only.  Do you really only play games in a silent room?  You don't have the volume up or headphones on so you can hear people sneaking up on you, shots being fired in the distance, or a car driving by?
    Think of the magnetics (the copper wire) in your PSU as violin strings.  The violin body is the bobbin.
    Take a bow and gently bounce the bow hairs on the strings (assuming this isn't an electric violin and there are no pick-ups).  The bow is acting as a low or static load.  You might hear a faint click click click, but it's almost inaudible.
    Now take the bow and play sul tasto, producing a consistent tone.  That's your typical graphics card load.  Something like from a Radeon 5800 XT.
    Now take your bow and thrash the violin at random angles making a harsh banging noise.  That's your PSU's magnetics getting beaten up by an Ampere card.
    The frequency of these noises can vary from one PSU to another.  There are a lot of variables.  Bobbin material and copper gauge are the biggest variables.  Copper gauge can impact efficiency, but also capacitance.  So if trying to meet certain efficiency requirements, while also trying to maintain dynamic load requirements, sometimes the side effect is audible noise.
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    typographie reacted to Gohardgrandpa in Screen Tearing Help   
    If you want to play competitive buy a real monitor. I’m not trying to sound like a jerk but if you only have a 60 Hz one now the input lag is probably bad on it to
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    typographie reacted to Kilrah in how many pci slots can be used at the same time ?   
    It will be in the motherboard's manual.
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    typographie reacted to Vishera in Can not conductive thermal compound demage the pins of a AM4 CPU ?   
    That has been a happening for many people,here is a good solution:
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    typographie reacted to jones177 in Is Assassin's creed Origins highly cpu dependent?   
    Yes, but not in the way most people think.
    The modern Assassin's Creed games are basically old fashion CPU games that use a single thread to feed the GPU. The strength of that thread determines your frame rate. 
    They also don't use the most affiant cores on an Intel CPU for this task making the CPU boosts pointless. So the only way to get more performance in the game is with an all core overclock. 
    Here is what it looks like with an i7 8086k/2080 ti with the i7 at 5ghz all cores. CPU5 is doing the heavy stuff. 

    The i9 10900k is stock so it loses to the i7. All other games the i9 wins. CPU11 is feeding the GPU on this one but the boosts are on CPU1 and 2 so the i7 with 5ghz all cores wins. 

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    typographie got a reaction from Mark Kaine in The nazi simbol is banned in videogame artwork?   
    I'm not German so bear in mind I'm collecting this information from English sources outside the country.
    My understanding is that at least since the 1990's, the German "ban" on the swastika was because the USK (the German software ratings board) policy was to refuse a rating to any video game that featured the swastika, in any context. And since a USK rating is required to sell a game in Germany, this amounted to a de facto ban. I don't think there was a total government ban on all depictions of the swastika in artistic contexts, as is commonly believed.
    Recently the USK reversed this policy and is now rating games that display the swastika on a case-by-case basis instead of a blanket refusal. As far as I know, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood are now available uncensored in Germany.
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    typographie got a reaction from venomx in Mixing ram   
    It should work fine.
    Remember that they may need to be installed in alternating pairs to make sure dual channel mode works. So on a board with four slots, it should be 4/8/4/8 or 8/4/8/4. Your RAM slots may be colored to hint at that.
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    typographie got a reaction from vinit6694skr in 2 Different Graphics cards in 1 PC?   
    Sure. Just depends on what you want them to do, though:
    If you want the two GPUs to work in tandem to improve performance in a game, that's called SLI (Nvidia) or Crossfire (AMD), and there are some restrictions and caveats depending on which technology you're using and what game you're playing. In the case of SLI (and partially in the case of Crossfire) the cards need to be practically identical.
    It's possible to install one Nvidia GPU as your main, and then a second to dedicate to PhysX processing. That doesn't require SLI, but the number of games that it helps out in is even smaller.
    I think you its possible to install two video cards, possibly even mix Nvidia and AMD cards, and use them in tandem in productivity software like 3DSMax without needing SLI or Crossfire. Maybe.
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    typographie got a reaction from PKan in Does Overclocking A GPU Void The Warranty   
    It's an odd contradiction that it's a "possibly destructive" modification, and yet in many cases these manufacturers are designing overclocking features into their cards and advertising their expanded overclocking capabilities and yet still offering warranty coverage.
    I think you may be correct that many warranties include language that would seem to void the warranty if overclocked. But in practice I think very few RMAs get rejected on that basis unless the user installed a custom BIOS to push the voltage ridiculously high or something. I doubt most of them are even looking for signs of overclocking done within the bounds of the stock BIOS.
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    typographie got a reaction from J.b091 in fix computers damaged by smoking   
    I used to have an apartment in what was supposed to be a non-smoking building. I assume that the previous owner used to go into the bathroom and smoke with the window open, and as a result the walls were coated with sticky yellow shit that dripped from the walls and ceiling every time I took a shower. Despite scrubbing the walls numerous times, I only ever made it slightly better.
    So yeah, that inside of a computer, or anything else? Well, just one more reason I'll never smoke.
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    typographie reacted to mariushm in Does Usb 3.1 use PCIE Lanes / why there is no fully 3.1 motherboards ?   
    There are ICs (chips) which create one or two USB 3.1 ports and use one or more pci-e lanes.
    For example, AsMedia ASM1142 creates two USB 3.1 gen 2 (10gbps) ports, but connects to the rest of the system through either a single pci-e v3.0 x1 lane (~970 MB/s in both directions) or two PCI-E v2.0 lanes (maximum 2 x 500 MB/s in both directions).
    So while a single port is designed to handle up to 10gbps (~ 1250 MB/s) in real world very few devices actually get close to that speed, so being limited to maximum 970-1000 MB/s to the system is not a big deal.
    Also, rarely both ports are used anywhere close to maximum speed so again, it's not a big deal that there is a "choke point" at the exit from the chip.
    Some usb 3.1 10 gbps ports are created by the chipset.  Most modern chipsets talk to the processor through a connection that's very similar to or is actually just a bunch of pci-express lanes.  Ryzen chipsets actually use a pci-e v3.0 x4 link, while intel processors use DMI or something like that, which behaves pretty much like pci express.
    The chipsets take this big data link and split it into multiple internal smaller "highways" to which various devices can connect. Think of the chipset as a network switch that has 16-48 1gbps ethernet jacks and a single 10gbps ethernet jack which goes somewhere else (the processor).  Those 16-48 ethernet ports have cables which go to various parts of the chipset : the usb 2.0 controller, the usb 3.0 controller, the usb 3.1 controller, m.2 connectors (if any) , pci-e slots (usually x4 and x1 slots on the motherboards ), the sata controller, pci-e links to the onboard sound, the onboard network card, additional usb controllers...
    The idea is that you don't use all the usb ports, all the sata connectors, all the pci-e slots on the motherboard at the maximum throughput all the time, so it's acceptable to just take the "data traffic" from all these and mix it together into the pci-e 3.0 x4 link or DMI and send it to the cpu, and rarely all the devices connected to the chipset will actually reach the limitations of that connection (4 GB/s in both direction)
    In some cases, data doesn't even have to go to the processor, for example you have an external hard drive connected to usb 3.0 which comes from chipset, and you copy data on a sata drive connected to the sata controller in the chipset, so the flow of data may not have to reach the processor, it may simply pass through between controllers in the chipset.


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    typographie got a reaction from Princess Luna in Does it matter what PCIex16 slot my GPU is in?   
    If I interpret this correctly, it's probably not going to work. I don't know if all motherboards do this, but I know mine requires that the first PCIe 3.0 x16 slot is used if I'm only installing one card. I get a boot failure if it's in any other slot.
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    typographie got a reaction from Tadziunia in My friend is offering me his GTX 1080   
    If VRMs are failing regularly (as they did in the EVGA situation you mentioned), that's an issue worthy of a product recall that would get articles written about it on tech news sites. It's a really big deal. And EVGA handled it quite well, for what it's worth.
    As far as I know there isn't any reason to believe that there is any such problem with the MSI cooler. These third-party coolers are often ridiculously overbuilt for the efficient Pascal GPU, so just being "the worst third-party cooler" doesn't mean it can't handle the card's cooling demand. The reference cooler is fine as well, for that matter.