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  1. Your mother doesn't understand much, neither do you. Once you grow up maybe you'll see your parents don't know everything. The greens plan to raise billions is to make multi billion dollar corporations pay company tax in Australia. Which they currently don't. This is a plan supported by all parties so you're out of luck there. One Nation by the way are a bunch of actual fucking morons who are racist pieces of shit. BTW their policy is for everyone to use WIRELESS internet.
  2. Lol, well I believe in tax payer funded public health care that includes Dental for over 18s, cheap and accessible education, higher standard of living, higher wages/ much higher minimum salary, better welfare benefits for disadvantaged, better infrastructure including free fibre for all, more investment in software development including games development (greens policy), better climate change policy, I could go on and on. All of this can be paid for by the rich. A lot of people dismiss Greens policy as a joke, it's actually not lmao. EDIT: Also wanted to say, the Greens propose no
  3. The G9 Consortium which included Optus did make up a new proposal after that, which was also rejected. The 30% isn't all from Labor =\ they had only completed less than 20% by the 2013 election. Which was only about a year behind schedule. I have shown sources, that irrelevant wiki page has sources, if you don't know how to use wikipedia by now I have no idea how you're going to make it in this world. The reason that RFS date is relevant is because the Coalition cancelled all of Labors contracts, that date indicates it was started after the Coalition implemented their
  4. This reply makes me believe you don't actually read anything I give you =\ It is illegal if rejected by the ACCC for them to do it anyway, also the ACCC said About FTTN. The Liberals don't have a no FTTP policy lmao, read their policy please. They are to deliver around ~30% of NBN as FTTP, they have actually done FTTP contracts as I've ACTUALLY shown you. You haven't shown me shit to back up any of your claims. All I've done is provided sources, what have you done? @Rika Shiguma I am definitely not defending the government, I am a greens voter
  5. A bunch of ISPs pre 2007 election proposed a rollout of FTTN to replace ADSL, HFC and Wireless technologies currently provided. One of these ISPs included Optus. The proposal must be approved by the ACCC in order for it to be legally allowed, it was rejected. The ACCC back then said that FTTN was not reliable enough to be fair on the consumer so they said Labor's FTTP NBN policy was what they'd protect by rejecting this proposal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_in_Australia#G9_Consortium_2007 Telstra also proposed FTTN before that which is on the same page.
  6. OK, you can find information about brownfields FTTP on www.nbnco.com.au You don't have much of an understanding of the state of Optus HFC. It's extremely expensive for them to operate and maintain, Optus would NOT have done it a long time ago because it would have been illegal to do so. EDIT: Took me 5 seconds to find this. https://www.finder.com.au/nbn-tracker/recent 2KNS-02 Zetland, Kensington Brownfields FTTP 2117 30 Sep 2016 04 Mar 2017
  7. Firstly, no. And yes the coalition have created new brownsfield fibre contracts. It's false to say otherwise. Secondly, the reason NBN don't use Optus HFC is for the reasons stated. The reason for Optus cutting people off is because they are currently supporting an inefficient network. The difference is between why nbn won't use Optus HFC in their rollout and why Optus want to cut people off existing services.
  8. NBN already have said ALL of Optus HFC is going to be replaced with FTTC. However, the map doesn't reflect that yet and FTTC has only been confirmed for a few suburbs. What it means is existing Optus HFC suburbs outside of the current early FTTC footprint will be delayed. Also, this article is talking about existing connections. These people have had access to FTTP for years and are still on the old network which was always scheduled to be shut off. EDIT: From nbn themselves last year. http://www.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/media-centre/media-releases/nbn-pu
  9. So, it appears you don't understand the situation. The people being affected by this are people with access to FTTP. So this is actually not relevant to the coalition's botched NBN. Also, yeah even FTTN which is super expensive is cheaper to maintain per connection than Optus HFC. Which is why NBN is going to replace ALL of the Optus HFC (That isn't replaced with FTTP yet) with FTTC.
  10. I know a number of people on Telstra with FTTN and get 100/40 speeds. If you are getting 44/16 on 100/40 plan with FTTP it's probably your modem or your wifi.
  11. Uhh no.. Wheres the data to indicate people are on half speed for 40% of the times? This is about NBN which doesn't use or relate to ADSL.
  12. Well, it's not news for one (cut off for cable and ADSL deadline was provided years ago), and secondly. It's way more expensive for both Optus and NBN to keep that network running. The whole idea of the NBN is for people to use it in order to pay it off. 100/40 available on NBN is better anyway. What you said about 40Kbps download and 2Kbps upload is actually just nonsense. What you're referring to is congestion which is fixed by not going on Dodo for $10 a month. Yes NBN need to reduce their CVC charges more, something which they are actively doing. However for the price Optus charge for thei
  13. Are you from Australia? Because this is a bit more complicated than just bad for tech.. It's pretty damn good for tech actually, really good place to work and plenty of places to work in the IT industry. AWS, Google and Microsoft among them. A few areas of our broadband infrastructure being replaced by FTTC which will cause cable connections to have to either be replaced by IPTV or Satellite isn't a big deal.
  14. We were one of the first countries to have 3G and 4G. We always got full bandwidth. However, yeah it's always metered like crazy. Usually $10 a GB. I'm lucky to be on 10GB for $50.