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  1. I will check those out. Thanks I will definitely check out the mousepads from Reflex Labs. It looks highly clean and very reasonable price. As for the mouse, I have heard great things about it and will think about it. But how does it fare against the Zowie FK1 or FK2?
  2. Any suggestions or recommendations for your extended mouse or gaming mouse?
  3. For a mouse pad that covers the keyboard its just more for ascetics. Is there any one from steel series that you recommend? Also I'm using a Razer but I'm honestly sick of their poor quality control. I'm looking at mouses like Zowie FK-2 and all but haven't really decided one for sure yet.
  4. Hello linustechtips, I'm looking for a standard sized mousepad that would not show stain or scratches from daily use. I am open to suggestions, not only standard sized and perhaps the longer ones where you could put both your keyboard and mouse on it. For reference I am using a Corsair K65. I would also require opinion on a gaming mice. I am currently using a aged Razer Abyssus which has lasted me a considerate amount of time. I am looking for a mouse around that size and I use "palm grip". The games I currently play but not limited to is Dota2, League of Le
  5. I will be getting just the Internet services.
  6. The verizon dualband one is currently 150. I want something as "reliable"?? i guess but at a less steeper price imo. Do you have any suggestions ?
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to move and thinking about Verizon FIOS and what not for internet services. I need to buy a dual band router as I do not want to rent or buy a Verizon router. Which dual band routers would you guys recommend to me? Also I'm trying to keep it ~80 or lower, not trying too much. Also the internet speeds I am considering is 50 mbps upload/download. Thanks. EDIT: I will be only purchasing the internet services from Verizon. Only the 50mbps upload/download. Do i have to buy the Verizon dual band routers, or do I have
  8. Hey peeps at LinusTechTips, I recently planned to move and I need new options for my internet services right now. I reside in New York City and I currently use Optimum Ultra50 for ~65. I understand that this price is pretty bad for just internet but I was going to move soon so I had no other options. I am currently looking into Verizon Fios DoublePlay for 50 as I dont require the free sports channnels and what not of Verizon TriplePlay. Although the TriplePlay is $65 and is 100 mbps upload/download I believe 50 mbps is enough? Also if anyone knows, can he/she tell me ab
  9. If I buy a windows license I can only use it on a windows PC? and likewise if I buy a Mac license only usable on a macbook? I have multiple computers at home so I am asking this question because I have to make sure the license I buy is strictly to one platform.
  10. Would you personally know how good airserver is? and i was expecting a more plug and play or download and use thing. Yeah thats the problem, im not sure about IOS. If it was android i can just straight cast it also.
  11. Hey peeps at LinusTechTips, Im looking for the best solution to stream what's on my iphone 6s to my TV the most cost efficent way. I know that the AppleTV would work flawlessly, but it is also the most costly way. Does Google Chromecast work? and I require whatever platform or device to allow me to cast my screen to my TV for ALL APPS, not just the mainstream ones like Youtube. I have certain apps that are restricted to certain countries that I would hope for it to work also. These apps do not work in North America. I am also open for suggestio
  12. I am thinking about the 13'' MBP, 128gb SSD one. As there is a $200price difference for the 256gb one, I would like to buy another SSD and just swap that out instead, a much cheaper/efficient way.
  13. I am so sorry about the confusion. I am not sure on how to delete it if it is even possible. & I see that it does not have a SSD. I would have to buy one and install it correct? But also it is 2.2 ghz compared to MBP's 2.7 and 3.1 turbo.
  14. Hey guys and girls at LinusTechTips, I am going to attend college/university soon later this year. I am looking for a laptop that would be basically for college. This laptop of mines would be strictly for productivity or light gaming. I am thinking of the Razer Stealth 2016 or the Macbook Pro 2015 or 2016 that will come out, depending on price/performance differences. However if I do get the Stealth, I would probably not buy the Razer Core, using it only as a Ultrabook. I am also open to suggestions, my budget is 1200-1300 USD and I live in the US, close access to Micr
  15. Hey guys im in need of a new laptop and i have a budget of ~1000 usd. Access to microcenter, bestbuy etc. >Looking for a laptop to surf the internet smoothly and reliable brand, expecting it to run 2-3 years and watch videos. >Looking for a i5 processor and 8gb of ram. Has to look sleek/nice. Looks are extremely important imo as i am not using it to game. Looking to spend 700-800 for a i5/8gb of ram with 1080p monitor however i do have a ~$1000 usd budget. Thanks alot for the help!