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    Gaming, Computers, Sports, and my kids.
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    I am a 27 year old married man with two kids. My downtime has to be filled constantly with SOMETHING to do. I can't just sit still at all.... So, I build things. Mostly build with wood, but computers are getting to be a close second with the amount of time I am spending building those now....
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    Engineering Layout Technician


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    i7-4770k 5.0GHz
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    Gigabyte G.1 Sniper z87
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    16GB G.Skill 7-7-7-21
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    EVGA GTX 780ti
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    NZXT Switch 810
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    Samsung 840 Pro SSD and WD Black 4tb
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    Corsair RM1000
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    Asus VG24QE
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    Custom Liquid Cooling
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate
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    Razer Death Adder
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    Astro A50
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    Windows 7 Professional

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  1. Sorry! As I said, no real decision maker in this one. Just whichever I felt like giving it too. Normally when I give away free games, I make it a quiz, and have people guess random stuff about me. Didn't feel like it this time!
  2. Brutally honest. I like it. You can have it!
  3. Who wants a free copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Tell me why you want it, and tonight when I get home from work (about 2 hours from time of posting) I will pick whomever I deem worthy, and send the code your way. :-D No jokes, no gimmicks, no guessing games like I normally do. Just tell me why you want it. Doesn't even have to be a good reason. Hell, tell me a joke or something, and the funniest one COULD get it. Not saying what I am basing this off of as of yet, because I don't know. Just whomever sparks my interest the most is the one to get it. I kn
  4. No overclock, at stock speeds, so voltage is at stock. Coolant is still good, changed out this week since I had to switch out some parts for testing. Dust is not a factor for it is cleaned often as stated, and also, you can easily feel a good amount of airflow even on low RPM's. Fans at 50% is about 750-900 RPMs. This is a factor even when at 100% fan speeds though. The fans are great fans for radiators. Specs are quite close to Noctua fans in pressure and airflow. Just a tiny bit louder. Not much. Paste, been replaced. Besides, it is a very new build, that wouldn't have been a facto
  5. Every idea in here, tried it. For some reason, putting the pump on any header other than the CPU header leaves it running at 100% at all times. No matter what. No clue what that is about, even when changing that header to PWM control. Tried every header on the board with this. I will keep working at it, but as of now, no solution to speak of. I wonder if I just got a bad processor? The heatspreader is not seated properly or something? Who knows...... Maybe that is my next step, trying to switch out the CPU and see if that works.......
  6. I appreciate all of the replies you guys have given, and thank you for all of it.
  7. Voltage is good. And the primary time it is ramping up is during COD Black ops III sessions. Encoding does not always ramp it up. If doing H265 it does, but H264 does not seem to put it past 50c-60c tops. Once leveled out. Obviously it spikes right away, but then levels out like all CPUs do. Tonight when I get home, I will attempt a few of these solutions. In the order posted. And in doing so, hopefully solve my problem! Though like I said before, the temps don't bother me. It is the noise of the pump revving up to 100%. I know my case is part of the reason for the higher temps, bec
  8. This is currently my favorite solution, seeing as it allows for only software modification. But I can't figure out on my rig, or online how to remove the 75c cap on the CPU fan before it revs up to 100%. If you can find out how/link me to somewhere that says how, I will gladly send the game your way. If somebody else can link this solution first, you can have one of my other games I have lying around AND UltraNeonGaming can get his prize. :-)
  9. I will attempt this. That is a very good point I didn't think about before. Currently ordering one off of Amazon, because their return policy is solid. So if that is not the issue, I can pop it back over for no money loss.
  10. The fans on the duel 140 intake are pull (no other way of mounting the rad) and the 3 on the triple 120 are push. I could technically swap those for pull, but would have to remove rear fan to do so due to tubing clearance.
  11. I do have a spare SSD lying around. Maybe I will put a copy of Windows 7 on it and see. If that solves it, cool. Though that would suck because I truly love windows 10.........
  12. I have had it for about 4 months now. And this has been happening since day 1. Not slowing down. I originally thought it was a pump issue, but have replaced it already and still has that issue the exact same.
  13. My case has no way of exhausting from the bottom though. Do you think exhausing out of the front would work though? 3 intakes at the top, 1 intake at the rear, and 2 exhaust at the front?
  14. I did not use too little. And apparently, based on a recent video Luke did, it doesn't really matter anyways.... Ha ha.
  15. Yes on windows 10. You think switching to the EK supremacy would make a difference? The Apogee XL is supposed to be right up there as one of the best. I wonder if it is not working properly though? Maybe that is the issue?