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  1. You need to install Winows 7 Pro first, then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. You cannot use your Windows 7 Pro key directly with Windows 10 Pro. November Update! Yes you can do this.
  2. Also try another PCI-E slot if you can to rule out the motherboard. (I doubt it's the motherboard though)
  3. I see, it could have been damaged from static electricity, or being bumped too hard. Could also be software issues; such as, malware, or a corrupted operating system. I would suggest trying a fresh install before anything else, and see if the issue still persists. Document all the errors, crashes, ect. I've worked on a system like this before, and it turned out to be a bad GPU. Strange driver issues when installing too.
  4. What are your temperatures? Plug the system directly into a wall socket.
  5. Invest in a NAS, or some sort of automatic backup. I've wired up a button on my old system that when I press runs an automatic backup.
  6. If you believe being "high" makes you creative; you're doing something wrong. Everyone is creative, but you need to find your inner creativity. Go train your brain to focus outside of the box, and use some brainpower. Look at other work, and for a start - take that but make it better.
  7. I agree. I went for a 750W a long time ago, and needed an 850W for my current builds.
  8. I'm pretty sad. I wonder what the issue was.
  9. Make sure you're using the latest firmware, and you keyboard has been upgraded to the latest firmware. Also double-check your macros/key bindings.
  10. Disable XMP, some RAM sticks can't run at their rated speeds, or you may need to replace your motherboard.
  11. Oh wow really? Great! That makes it a whole lot better.
  12. I prefer this style of forum, the new one looks like the Microsoft forum designed for people who don't know how to use a mouse. Just my 2 cents! The like system will turn into a really big war, and users will be upset. User 1 hates User 2, so User 2 dislikes User 1s post. User 3 hates User 1 for disliking User 2s post... ect. I've used many forums with a reputation style like this, and it never ends well. You get a lot of up-tight users who think they're the greatest and above all.
  13. Check the power switch, and check the power button. Try jumping the two power header prongs with a screw driver.
  14. I took an IT course twice. Never finished it both times because I was too busy working on my own projects. My class was busy making a Hello World HTML page, while I was busy managing my own DB structure with 3,000 users during class. Good times! I would suggest taking what you've learned, and applying to to whatever. Be creative, and do things differently from what the teacher instructs. As an example, my grade 6 HTML class was making a Hello World page, so I made a page about my dog with nice headers, footer, and structure. I have worked with Visual Basic, and it's pretty fun. Very ea
  15. Does a case have a performance rating? Fireballs = HP?
  16. Looks good to me. The NEX series of power supplies are not the greatest... much better than a CX series anyway.
  17. If there is a short on the PCB then it will damage the DIMM slot. RAM sticks are somewhat durable though, so I'd give it a shot!
  18. I think you missed the memo! (System isn't balanced)